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Everything posted by DREDZ

  1. DREDZ

    The Babble

    that color joint is sharp
  2. miles and coltrane-"milestones"
  3. DREDZ

    The Babble

    those are hott... p.s..the giant bean in millenium park gets the gas face...
  4. spankrock-"put that pussy on me"
  5. whiteboys was hilarious..especially the part with dude and snoop in jail.
  6. me and my o.g. used to watch that shit all the time, when i was a shorty
  7. DREDZ

    The Babble

    tight site BGC toy joints...
  8. lady sovereign-"ch ching remix"
  9. "i'm so high freestyle"-planet asia
  10. DREDZ

    The Babble

    that show was so damn huff
  11. ...shit is too fuct up. R.I.P. Harold
  12. "astroblack, take the one with all backs, but my favorite lady comes in all green...and clear sacks" "maingirl"-quasimoto
  13. DREDZ

    The Babble

    that ipod and altoid battery joint is sick
  14. ...damn, shit is sad ...r.i.p
  15. ...the pretty tony album was a'ight...and bulletproof wallets was the shit, i think alot of heads kinda slept on it.
  16. ...yeah futurama is tight
  17. i read a rumor that rae and ghost were puttin' in work on that RAGU joint Rae.And.Ghost.Unite
  18. revise...niceness...especially the first joint
  19. ghostdini is the illest...album should be hot, especially the doom collabo tracks
  20. ..the MLK episode was hilarious...but i figured that it was going to be something that some people were gonna take offense to...just like the whole bill cosby remark uproar... niggas is scared of revolution
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