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  1. AORAone

    Character Post

    Damn Ioka, Nice. Is that party harder one for sale? get at me via pm if so
  2. 2ler, Elos, Gasp Keep them coming!
  3. Leak - Yner Onorok Ich Great post.
  4. Quija and Ono. This thread is fire. So many good catches, so many.
  5. Myst got down on a few of those. very nice post. thanks.
  6. Wish more people wasted an hour to post good pics like this, haha. That Ich is killer.
  7. Nietz Anel lots of ich. Great post.
  8. Dirtk, great post. Some decently old classics in here, too.
  9. I don't see what the big problem is. Dude is asking for a sketch, for anybody that is interested. He's not begging, and so what if he really comes through with $20 or not? Half you mother fuckers put worse shit in some of the other threads for free. I participate in those threads myself because it gives me the opportunity to practice letters and words i wouldn't normally do myself. I'm not saying my uploads are any better than anyone else, because they're not, especially for how long I've been writing. I could honestly care less about the $20, winning, or it being legit even in the slightest.
  10. looks like morton snuck that in while i was drawing.
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