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  1. you can contact us at sarapee@sarapee.co.uk :)
  2. Thanks AORAone and Mclovin, (edit + colorkiller, sorry i missed it) appreciate the submission. I'll let this roll until tomorrow then sort out a winner. I'm sorry if I've pissed some people off with the low 'prize' but it's primarily a bit of fun and possibly some exposure for someone. Not huge exposure, we aren't nike, but a little. I've always liked the graff scene, so figured why not try and get some heads involved? Sorry if that annoyed you guys. I'll probably shoot the winner over a pair of the finished shorts also, regardless if you practice muay thai or not :)
  3. Hey guys, We are a very small company based in Thailand that want a graff style design for our name. The designs we choose to use will be rewarded with USD20$ PAID VIA PAYPAL ONLY (we may choose more than one). CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN ON THE WEBSITE (with a link to your site if desired) and maybe on the shorts themselves, but I'm not sure how yet. Anyway, you can check us out at http://www.sarapee.co.uk and contact me at sarapee@sarapee.co.uk you can choose to write any of the following words/phrases (but bear in mind they are to fit onto shorts so can't be too long. Must be black/white. Can be handstyles, blocks w.e - up to you. 1) Sarapee 2) สารภี (thai script - see below image) 3) Violent by Design
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