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  1. kres shit all looks the same!...there i said it
  2. the first three pages shit one the last 200 pages. smh
  3. nah fuck it man people aint down for this ...watever i tried thot it would be a good idea
  4. Zombie apocalypse tomorrow .. practice on black ops
  5. Its weird the Darwin theory doesn't apply to Modesto. This thread seems to de-evolution the farther you go up the thread lol
  6. Ight so people are straight laggen so lets try this one more time , and if u se this take ur time and just sketch somthen else real quick characters dont get no love on the ounce....... New Sbjct:Reptiles ... Ill make this one due sooner.... DUE SATURDAY
  7. there getting us graff writers too !
  8. cmon dont let this thread die mayneeee
  9. xoxox got tht . I dont know but thos letters are on point, just the type of letters I like tho.... growing up with graff something thats so sick to someone looks like shit to the next dude...
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