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  1. Your the man Cauldron.. lets finish this up cant wait to see these books... u have my address right?
  2. Ok SexCauldron you can throw another one in my book if you want just if you can send it back in next few days that would be dope.. I have a new mailing address too im gonna message you
  3. Yo this is BS... Why did you guys skip me and go to sex cauldron????
  4. Yeah whats the deal?? i hope i didn't get skipped... still no messages or anything confirming they were sent.
  5. Yo im here still waiting on books... havent check the thread in a while but I never got a PM from anyone
  6. I have no books... Waiting on a few joints for aero
  7. Yeah I am Next After AERO you can just send those to me.. I will Message you where to send it.
  8. Whats the deal been waiting mad long.... smh
  9. Sent Sex Cauldron his book back.. I have hit every book and sent them all out.. Cypher complete on my end.. I just need my book back now
  10. Need two more days than sex cauldrons is going out.. Just wanna do something on the middle page than its done.
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