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  1. yo u guys r lucky tht i actually found the time to post it, although it isnt even colored, i have NO TIME at all l8ly. but i couldnt let hyper win by default for the 3rd time in arrow lol.... r's wakkkk
  2. haha well u managed really well with a double L so F's shouldnt be a prob for u^^
  3. wow...speak english much...^^ joking but yeah i kinda c wat ur saying, im gonna shut up now though cuss we r all ruining in this thread!
  4. yo there r too many styles tht r born everyday to not have a slight resemblance between 2 pieces of graffiti..those times r over
  5. ma bad bambu here it is^^ urs looks really nice too, best of luck to all for the next round
  6. damn lol so ill win by default.. and where is bambu:(
  7. Hyper i gotta be honest it took me alot of time to c all the letters..i really like the A with those colors though Tournament battle, says ready:
  8. no i think we should invent anotheword than sick or frresh cause lumos took us 1 step further than all tht, id root for something like, thts "LUMOS"!
  9. dayum!! i love the blue at the very top ^^ and the bakground looks very nice
  10. filterurs is amazing but hazs too much going on in it. Rushwan nice n simple and nice tree lamo^^ Rush+1
  11. haha nice freak, i was going to put game over aswell, but owell lol^^ EDIT: ahahaha this suks shit just freestyles with out thinking, i dunno y im posting it.. (this isnt my entry)
  12. haha not us man we in France^
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