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  1. fermentor666


    goatse :eek: |=0=| I got the Dualshock imported from Japan from play-asia.com about a month and a half ago, it was only 5 dollars more than it will sell for here, since I had a $5 coupon. I mentioned it earlier in this thread, it's pretty cool. I only have Ratchet and Clank and Resistance (which I haven't tried it for, yet), and it works for R&C. It's not as fierce as the 360 rumble, but it's better than nothing!
  2. fermentor666


    There was a game put out by Capcom in the mid 80's called Commando that I loved back then, but when I played it 18 or 19 years later on the Capcom Classics PS2 disc, it sucked balls and I kept dying. I finally 100%'d Ratchet and Clank: Future, and it was totally worth the hours upon hours of endless platform shooting. The game rules. I just wish my PS3 had that fucking "Emotion Chip" so I could play the PS2 games. GOD DAMN YOU SONY!
  3. I just signed on to Sirius a couple of months back, in late January or early February. I like it a lot, but I don't listen to it much. Best channel is probably Little Stevie's Garage Rock or whatever. That station plays great shit. Having no commercials on any of the music stations is the tits. But reception sucks, I have to get a real receiver installed; all I have now is the "boom box" thing with a dinky little antenna with a wire that runs across my living room and outside my window. Service cuts out a lot. But it's cool enough that I will most likely invest in an antenna. Once it gets warm out I will also install the car kit in my car. Seems easy enough....
  4. 4 years ago. Two years before your time, rookie.
  5. fermentor666


    I play mainly shooters, and I prefer the 360 controller very much over the PS3 controller. Not really into sports games, and only into the driving games that are arcade-like. I've been playing video games since 1986, so, I feel my opinion has some validity to it as well. It's an opinion, of course. I only played FPS games on the PC since forever, and I still believe that the mouse and keyboard is the best way to play and the ONLY way to play competitively online or at a tournament, but for single-player, the 360 has the first console controller that I really, really like using for FPS games, PARTICULARLY BIOSHOCK. I fucking lovers that game. I also really liked using the controller for Oblivion, though that is basically a fully-RPG-ized FPS. The PS3 controller feels really, really natural for Ratchet and Clank: Future, I must say. But Resistence, which is by the same developer, is difficult for me to get the hang of because it is a FPS and I am just not used to the controller. Maybe with time I will be, but not right now. I don't find the 360 triggers to be laggy in the slightest bit while playing FPS games. I'm able to do head-shots on splicers in Bioshock using the cross-bow with a quickness.
  6. New page. If that link doesn't work, just add him as a friend then comment and message spam him.
  7. Ah, it finally worked. He's blocked, fuck yeah. Don't stop the harassment, though! :scrambled:
  8. Actually, Florida is about a 30-hour drive from me, so no, not good enough. He's not on my "friends" list, and I can message him, but only because he messaged me first and I'm sending a message in reply. Dude is a complete fucking tool! I told him that I would delete every one of his messages without reading them from now on and he goes and sends me five messages with whole paragraphs as the title to try and get me to read the nonsense 18-year-old retard sentences that make no sense. I CAN'T BLOCK HIM EITHER! WTF?? Every time I go to "block this user" it never adds him. I keep getting mail from him!! GRR. If you can't message him, try using this link, it might work. I just copied it from the "reply" page to one of his messages. It might work as a general reply but it might only work if logged into my account: http://messaging.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=mail.reply&friendId=69091813&type=inbox&messageID=465786148&fed=True&MyToken=03b12fc1-12f2-46a7-9bd3-6ef1d1b856f5 Moog: Working on different music with a friend.
  9. fermentor666


    Yeah, I got that on my Netflix queue. What sucks is none of the video stores rent Blu-Ray, only Netflix. Buying them is ridiculously expensive, but Netflix doesn't charge any extra to rent them. We're waiting for the new Rambo movie to come out on high-def in May, because that movie kicked fucking ass.
  10. Re: Harass This Little Boy If you people are gonna pull out the destruction league on this motherfucker, I will be so fucking thrilled. Dude is pure douche-baggery and totally worthy of being destroyed.
  11. Re: Harass This Little Boy First I was wallowing in my misery, then I was seething with rage, then I was in intensive therapy, then I started Spring Semester. So I've basically been all over the place without actually going anywhere. I haven't had a good internet sit-down for a couple of months now. If I want to look something up, I just use the woman's blackberry. Oddly enough, I'm actually going to bed even later than I was before. I don't know how it happens, but for the past two or three months I've been falling asleep after 6:00 AM about 90% of the time, regardless of how early I have to wake up or how long I've been up for. Fuck.
  12. fermentor666


    Also, I finally bit the bullet and bought a PS3. Blu-Ray is pretty fucking cool, especially the sound. It's much more consistent in volume than standard-def DVDs. Picture is obviously better, though not miles better. Upconverting is decent, about the same as the 360. Main reason I bought it was for Blu-Ray. Now that HD-DVD is officially dead, I went with Blu-Ray since I got the HDTV in December and I was dying to see a few movies in high-def. Basically, the cheapest stand-alone player is $350-400 bucks depending on where you buy it, and the PS3 is $400 bucks AND it plays games. So it was really a no-brainer. Only thing that sucks is that the 40-gig model, which is the only one out there right now (they took the 80's off the shelf), doesn't have the "emotion" chip (gay name), which means that there is NO backwards compatibility with the PS2. That is bullshit, IMO. I bought Resistance: FOM, which I played for a bit, it's decent but it wasn't a mind-blower. I don't think any FPS game will ever blow my mind again after playing Bioshock, the standard was set so unbelievably high. I then bought the new Ratchet and Clank game a few days later. That's really the only game I REALLY wanted to play on the PS3, since I love that series, and it's awesome. Real fun shooter-platformer. All-in-all, I'm not unhappy with the purchase. The Blu-Ray is great, and because it has an ethernet port and an OS of it's own, it is future-proof in terms of updates--the first Blu-Ray players are not upgradeable, so all the early-adopters that paid $1000 dollars for their Blu-Ray players back in 2006 are now fucked and stuck with a player that can't do Picture-in-Picture that was introduced in firmware 1.1 and the online-capabilities that will come in firmware 2.0. The built-in wireless is great, haven't tried it online though. Online is free, which is awesome. But Sony's online GUI fucking sucks, especially compared to Microsoft's Marketplace. If I look at it as a Blu-Ray player that happens to play games, then it's great. If I look at it as a gaming console that happens to play high-def DVDs, then it's only so-so, because there's really only a couple of games that I believe are worth buying at the moment. As far as FPS games go, the 360's controller is far superior with the full triggers rather than the PS3's half-assed bumper-trigger. But I'm torn, because I don't want to pay for the Gold membership and the PS3 online is free. Speaking of controllers, Sony is finally putting out a Dual-Shock controller for the PS3 in April. It's out in Japan already, I had one sent to me through play-asia.com for $55 already, which is only five dollars more than it will cost when it eventually comes out here. When I play Ratchet and Clank, the controller vibrates, so it will have some retro-capability with the older games.
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