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  1. ^Oh yea thanks I forgot to mention that as well.
  2. ^ Oh, alright. I agree, they are guilty, but I wouldn't say just as guilty. The main burden of responsibility is on the Bush Admin., not because they're ultra conservatives or anything, but because they are the group that put this issue forward with incorrect info. BtW: I thought you were Pro-Iraq war.
  3. ledzep


    Call me a rebel, but perhaps this thread would be most well received in "Channel Zero". Untitled is more for presenting, commenting on, or giving tips on Art. This isn't as much art, as it is, um, bats. Appreciation threads go in Ch. 0, unless of course it is the appreciation of an Artist or style of art (unless of course someone wants it to be recieved by a wider audience).
  4. Rome sucks, see what you want to see as quickly as possible then go somewhere else in Italy (Florence, Venice, Naples, whereever). Check out the Vatican, in Rome, it is the best deal you can get, to enter the Basilica of St. Peter it's free, the Meuseum costs about 8 Euros and has tons and tons of great art and historical artifacts (including the Cistine Chappel which is incredible). Do not go inside the Collouseum (it's 10 Es and not worth it at all). look at it and then go check out the ruins around it, it is a waste of time, don't bother with the Roman Circus, its a big patch of dirt for th
  5. ^ Well, had the Bush Admin. done their homework and given people the real info, or had they chosen not to hold back the real info (whichever one occured), I'm pretty sure most of those dudes (not just Democrats) would have voted not to go to war. It might be also worth noting the whole Patriotism Fever that was running rampant, and care to remember the whole filibuster thing that happened a short while ago? Had they voted against it, it probably would have been that, only a million times worse. Those dudes were under alot of pressure (once again, not just the Democrats). The way your wo
  6. ledzep


    Call me crazy, but i'm not so sure this belongs in the "Untitled" section.
  7. something kinda interesting I spose
  8. ledzep

    Im new..

    ^^pfft. reminds me of:
  9. dudes, if you don't do this and pass it on to at least 30 people your going to have a bad love life!! I think this is advertising.
  10. ledzep


    you guys should vote or else the tentacles will come and rape you.
  11. So basically, if a group of people aren't perfect, it's ok to bomb them and shoot them for no legitamate reason? Think about it a little more.
  12. I couldimagine her being my aunt. She'd fit right in with the rest of them.
  13. Me and a freind of mine were getting food from this place chinese place. While we were waiting in line this black dude in front of me turns around and waves a zombie toy in my face and goes "Bwainsss!! BWAAIIINNSSS!!!". thats the only one i can think of for now.
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