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  1. ^Oh yea thanks I forgot to mention that as well.
  2. ^ Oh, alright. I agree, they are guilty, but I wouldn't say just as guilty. The main burden of responsibility is on the Bush Admin., not because they're ultra conservatives or anything, but because they are the group that put this issue forward with incorrect info. BtW: I thought you were Pro-Iraq war.
  3. ledzep


    Call me a rebel, but perhaps this thread would be most well received in "Channel Zero". Untitled is more for presenting, commenting on, or giving tips on Art. This isn't as much art, as it is, um, bats. Appreciation threads go in Ch. 0, unless of course it is the appreciation of an Artist or style of art (unless of course someone wants it to be recieved by a wider audience).
  4. Rome sucks, see what you want to see as quickly as possible then go somewhere else in Italy (Florence, Venice, Naples, whereever). Check out the Vatican, in Rome, it is the best deal you can get, to enter the Basilica of St. Peter it's free, the Meuseum costs about 8 Euros and has tons and tons of great art and historical artifacts (including the Cistine Chappel which is incredible). Do not go inside the Collouseum (it's 10 Es and not worth it at all). look at it and then go check out the ruins around it, it is a waste of time, don't bother with the Roman Circus, its a big patch of dirt for the most part. Also it is really really hot, take your own water because it is expensive to buy it on the streets. If you are travelling with lady friends, keep them away from the dudes who sell the purses, they are rip offs and if they see your interested they do not stop harrassing you. In Spain, go to Toledo and Salamanca if you can, great cities, and if you go to Madrid check out a restaurant called "El Botin". It's the oldest restaurant in the world, and the food is fucking delicious. I don't France, so your on your own for now.
  5. ^ Well, had the Bush Admin. done their homework and given people the real info, or had they chosen not to hold back the real info (whichever one occured), I'm pretty sure most of those dudes (not just Democrats) would have voted not to go to war. It might be also worth noting the whole Patriotism Fever that was running rampant, and care to remember the whole filibuster thing that happened a short while ago? Had they voted against it, it probably would have been that, only a million times worse. Those dudes were under alot of pressure (once again, not just the Democrats). The way your wording that almost makes it sound like it was the Democrat's fault that the war started. I personally do not get the logic behind that. ok, "before this conversation i was against the war in iraq, but after talking with her i've some what changed my mind." "from what shes said the islamic religion is a bit more extreme than what a lot of americans think. in america its been sugar coated" "not that they're all violent, thats not what im trying to say, but they're taught that they are the rightful 'rulers of the world', or what have you." "they're taught that anyone outside of their faith is their enemy." Judging from what you said in that post, I found this to be your basic argument: "I used to be against the war in Iraq, but after my aunt told me how the islamic religion, though not violent for the most part, is cocky and not to fond of other faiths, I changed my mind about the war." :huh2: Though I don't defend Saddam's use of Biological weapons (Lets face it, that shit is fucked up), I might be helpful to note the following: A. Saddam used it on the Kurds. Who are the Kurds? "Comprising more than 30 million people, they are the world's largest ethnic group without its own state. For over a century, many Kurds have been campaigning (some through violence as well as political means) for the right to self-determination. The governments of those countries who have sizable Kurdish populations are actively opposed to the possibility of a Kurdish state, which would require them to give up parts of their own territories." On the Kurds in the northern region of Iraq: "However, for various reasons, including the siding of some Kurds with Iranian forces during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, the [saddam's] regime became opposed to the Kurds and an effective civil war broke out. Iraq was widely condemned, but not seriously punished, by the international community for using chemical weapons against the Kurds, which caused the death of thousands of Kurds." Heres some more if you want it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurds#In_Iraq Kinda puts things in a different light, not to mention that this is something that happened in the 80s, Saddam, since his defeat in the Persian Gulf War, has not been doing this kinda shit. So as for "sitting back and letting him do that shit", too late, the USA already did. B. It was the USA that gave Saddam these weapons to begin with, so this war is not to "Libarate" these people or anything like that. Also, Saddam was never ever ever ever going to become a real threat again. Remember: A. The USA has been sanctioning Iraq for a long long time, as well as bombing it occasionally (which killed innocent people). B. No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, as well as no intentions to build or aquire them. Less people, both Iraqi and Non-Iraqi would have been lost had this war not occured. Yea living under Saddam blowed, but it still sucks alot less than Political instability, a weak infrastructure, regular violence and being on the verge of civil war. How about in N. Korea then? People under Saddam used to at least have food, water, electricity. N. Koreans, alot of them don't have that stuff (the army is given priority, everone else gets whats left, which is next to nothing). The population of N. Korea is about 23 million people, the N. Korean army is just a tad over 1 million. So basically, around 22 are in extreme poverty, who have basically nothing. If your going to use that reasoning, Iraq is not the place to use it. <!--QuoteBegin-the ugly duckling@Jun 27 2005, 10:13 AM i know know most people think differently and thats fine, this is just my opinion. if you dont like it, thats okay with me. im not one to argue but i will defend myself when people go putting words in my mouth. Quoted post If thats what you want to think thats cool or whatever, I'm not trying to put you down, I'm just providing some info to help you choose what you want to believe. And now: the real reason I wanted to post: This was on the last page, but right at the very end.
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    Call me crazy, but i'm not so sure this belongs in the "Untitled" section.
  7. something kinda interesting I spose
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    Im new..

    ^^pfft. reminds me of:
  9. dudes, if you don't do this and pass it on to at least 30 people your going to have a bad love life!! I think this is advertising.
  10. ledzep


    you guys should vote or else the tentacles will come and rape you.
  11. So basically, if a group of people aren't perfect, it's ok to bomb them and shoot them for no legitamate reason? Think about it a little more.
  12. I couldimagine her being my aunt. She'd fit right in with the rest of them.
  13. Me and a freind of mine were getting food from this place chinese place. While we were waiting in line this black dude in front of me turns around and waves a zombie toy in my face and goes "Bwainsss!! BWAAIIINNSSS!!!". thats the only one i can think of for now.
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