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  1. GET OFF MY NUTS,I ASKED A SIMPLE QUESTION and made my point across...thats all that matters.
  2. yea i had a feeling the word was " KNOWN" but im not 'all about" making my typing look like i graduated from harverd.frankly i dont give a shit. so i herd there is a good amount of RIS CREW stuff in it.is this true? also,i herd theres a freight book thats coming out from the same guy that used to do the 12oz magazines...i forgot the guys name...my boy knows him....im sure you guys know the release date of that also...so when is it? this isnt the same book right?or am i wrong?
  3. yea when is this coming out? aka also knowed as?? is this a book or a magazine? i herd theres some good RIS stuff in it...it should be good. SOMEONE RESPOND...WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE? WHERE CAN I GET IT??
  4. you forgot the 2 i came up with: TEACH AND CORRECT TAKE ACID CHILDREN the 2nd one i love. in da gadda da vidda baby.
  5. your name is PsychodelicArt........ people like this are why yards get blown up. Quoted post [/b] no,yards get blowen up because people leave there shit laying around...empty cans and garbage...clean that shit up.
  6. uhhh... then why do you talk shit about people you don't even know in other threads? Quoted post [/b] what are you talking about yo?
  7. yo dude its like this:DENZ was using my account while i was eating dinner..he wanted to check his email so i said cool....then hes on the computer for like 2 hours talking shit about scribble jam and whatever else. the email he gave you was his (or so he said) and he dont own a computer so maybee he hasnt checked him email yet....ALSO i dont wanna be apart of this non since....PLEASE leave me out of this! when i got back into graffiti in 2003 i thought it was going to be fun,cool and a good time.i got all these people talking shit to me because i wanted to have a FAIR AND HUMBLE R
  8. im already dead....this whole country is already dead...you just dont know it.
  9. really?hummm,well you seems like your from chicago...only chicago people use that word "horrid"....remine's me of some of the SB guys. if its so horrid race me.
  10. no this isnt DENZ....he was using my account last night. fuck it...the race is over...I ALREADY WON! you people call your self's bombers?lol more like ART FAGS! close this shit....its over. peace
  11. little do you know im down with GHOST RIS....biting?if you would tell ghost that im biting his style youll be laughed at by him. whats wrong with keeping a style alive and paying tribute?i see alot of wack ass shit on the net and everything these days looks like shit. im more traditional stlye....my style is combind of graffiti over the last 30 years....youll never see me doinging these "tree branch" style pieces. that is garbage.
  12. well how about you leave your real name on here and stop being all scared....are you afrade of this toy?are you afrade youll get wrecked? you dont have any balls to race me do you?your a tread bomber right??prove your self.
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