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  1. lol hahah great movie theyres a guy in my neighborhood who looks just like the big chinese dude,he could be his stunt double if he wanted too
  2. *cough*Bullshit*cough* Quoted post its' obvious you guys have never worked for a warehouse company, especially in hawaii. they tend to hire 3-4 english speakers, and a shit load of philipino,micronesian, and some taiwan immigrants to save lots of money. its a really fucked up system when you break it down. those people can't get the job done, they can't read or write very well english, cost everyone time and money, yet they get paid. paid the least, but paid. therefore preventing someone else from getting a decent shot at a decent job. and 'commit suicide on me' nigga please....if you got a problem with me handling a problem, thats just your opinion...period. and i don't care about your opinion. but just to educate you all...micronesians. yes i am a racist, i tend to hate them very much. did you know micronesian immigrants are PAID to come to america...by our government, cuz they're shitty people. for ever micronesian that comes here, is given a monthly vouchure *spelling?* for upto 3grand. for food or whatever. they also recieve housing assitance from our gov, giving them upto total free rent of no more than 1,750 a month including utility bills. and they're STILL eligable for welfare, food stamps and all that other shit. so needless to say, if you ever thought mexican migrant workers, or illegal immigrants of any kind were bad...think again. *and no i'm not white, i'm a black puerto rican cuban and yes i do hate you all* it's people like this, that ruin the paradise of hawaii, and the general economics of all america. they leach and scumm off our HARD earned tax dollars....why? ebcause they're micronesian...hmm, sorry i just think all micro's should stay on their land...and Die. stop coming here and wasting our hard earned dollars....thats my opinion. Quoted post [/b] *cough*Bullshit*cough*
  3. o well, ms paint characters dont have a race anyway, and it doesnt defeat the fact that u like asain milfs
  4. ithought porchop was asain due to her saying "HER asain cousin", excuse
  5. if u look closely ull see the fat kid getting chased in the backround, right before the kid getskicked in the head
  6. i just seen him on tv rhyming in the new bustah rhymes video
  7. i was in waldbaums today and they were giving free samples of these: the sundried tomato ones are doooope,i copped a pack of those, and ijust looked on theyre website and they got about 20 other kinds. if anyone is to o see these make sure u cop them,
  8. 2 blaazed

    Inside Man

    peeped it last night , great movie. a tad bit dragged on, but pure brilliance on the part of clive owens and the way he robbed the bank SPOILER BELOW You know its a dope bank robbery when not only do you walk out the front door , but you even slip a diamond into the pocket of the lead detective of the case too, slick whodie
  9. damn , duke took a hard loss last night
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