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  1. A flight in October to reward myself for teaching 1.5 months into a new pandemic school year.
  2. Damn. I'll be taking a large group of 5 graders to Boston this summer. Wish me luck.
  3. OMG! I've never been on a dating app to see what men or women write and reading through all these profiles, this shit cannot be real?! What a fucking nightmare. It's really sad, but homegirl who said: I'm done with "fixer uppers," finished products only! She has a fucking point.
  4. I can cosign about the traffic, but would like to add the recent uptick in road rage shootings here in Houston. No joke, you'll fucking get shot at just for looking at someone the wrong way on the road here.
  5. The way I'm prepared to write a 20 page thesis on how this is still the best fucking toy ever.
  6. Dear white people of Sarasota Fl., Why do you stare so hard at POC?
  7. In 5th grade there isn’t a cap unfortunately.
  8. Hmm. Nothing too weird yet, probably just booze! I appreciate it though. LOL!
  9. During the school year I drink 2 cups every morning (dealing with 30+ kids calls for it). The students are no help, since they see how often I drink coffee (I usually teach with my mug in my hand), every holiday I receive at least 80 dollars in Starbucks/local coffee house gift cards. During the summer I try to limit my coffee drinking.
  10. This happened to me just the other day. I honestly do not know who I was back then to actually fall for such a dirtbag. To think I gave so much time and energy to this person makes me sick. He's one person I can go the rest of my life without seeing. He even had the nerve to call me dork, when he saw me. The fuck, I'm not that little girl anymore. What grown ass man says dork still?! ?
  11. A friend of mine ( @seYno9 ) back in 03 said to me, "If you're ever bored, you should check out Channel Zero." One day I was bored, and I ended up staying for years. In retrospect, it's surreal to know if these words were never told to me, my life would be completely different. I never would have met @psm026 and my daughter would be nonexistent. It's crazy.
  12. Do you see why I was traumatized now? ?
  13. Yup, from that moment on, I knew I'd have to find a support group for people who saw that damn movie!
  14. I don't see how, it's too fucked up?! I just kept thinking about it for days. I was seriously traumatized. LOL!
  15. This movie fucked me up for days. I could never watch it again.
  16. So proud of all you boys cooking all badass and shit. I'm taking notes. Raven, I'm putting your chorizo burgers on my list of things to make. Time to change it up.
  17. After all these years, hopefully past assholes have changed. LOL.
  18. Thanks! Going to try to make this soon!
  19. OMG Mercer, you're killing me. I need this damn recipe!
  20. Dear Channel Zero, It's been a long damn while, but I decided to take a break from my domesticated life to see what became of this place.
  21. He was definitely an active member back in the day.
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