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  1. So you're takin' better care of your body Becoming more aware of your body. Responding to your body's needs. Everything you hear and read about diets, Nutrition and sleeping position and detoxifying your system, And buying machines that they advertise to help you exercise. Herbs to revitalize you if you're traumatized. Soaps that will sanitize. Sprays to deordorize. Liquid to neutralize acids and pesticides. Free weights to maximize your strength and muscle size. Shots that will immunize. Pills to re-energize you. But remember that for all your pain and gain Even
  2. after a particularly long drug binge, a friend and i decided someone needed to make a nose douch and a lung brush... know if they make a lung brush?
  3. i tried to watch that, but it was like watching that blair witch movie, but on a really tiny screen...
  4. about a year ago i remember going to two shows in san francisco, a couple of shitty bars and finally ending up at my old bar... last thing i remember is telling the bartender (for the 164th time) how much of a crush i have on her and that i wished she wasn't gay... wake up the next day back in the east bay, with a bad hangover and more money in my pockets than i left with... i found this when i walked into the kitchen:
  5. you need a reason to sit at home and drink by yourself? that's gotta suck...
  6. what dio you title the thread? iommi...
  7. i bought one of these the other day... getting my amp fixed soon, 400 watts of destruction... metal death combo of doom... in other news, three days after i got internet set up at my house my computer died... the internet hates me...
  8. turn signals, lights, and a horn have been added... totally street legal...
  9. my house in SF, we had internet and a router via linksys... it blew... i'd recommend trying a different router... mine was $50 from comp usa... netgear i think... if it don't work then return it... also, look what i bought today:
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