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  1. some options im looking into: toll booth guy portapotty mover sacking groceries day labor worker
  2. One of The Best....classic stuff. Its been that long? crazy.....
  3. ummm..yeah..clam chowder homie? 1996? Quoted post [/b] ha...shit sucked, i had the flu at the time, then it turned into a combo flu/stomach ache/throwing up for a day...and it wasnt manhatten, it was that creamy new england style....my nose was all stuffed up so i couldnt taste the difference.
  4. what!!!! no way, get outta here dude!
  5. damn you got lucky....a year or so ago i got super sick from a can of clam chowder in my pantry that was dated may of 1996...
  6. Mineral-July about to be ChristieFrontDrive/Boys Life split
  7. :haha: na but for real, arent you the girl that likes to snort adderall? go completely sober for a month and see how you feel..its probably the drugs...i thought i had it, they put me on zyprexa and some other meds...i got sober sometime later, a wow!!! it seemed to go away! what a fucking concept!! imagine that!
  8. thought about driving the three hours to see Lifetime but i cant get off work and i need to save money
  9. congrats on the raise..better than nothing....have you worked there for a long time? i work in a wharehouse as well pulling 49-54 hours a week hard work and long days but shit pays the bills...most of my money goes to paying back my parents...i owe them an unbelievable amount of money.
  10. this weekend im getting my sobriety date on the inside of my bottom lip just for personal remembrance...anybody have a guess at what that would $$$ ?? that furniture is rad on the first page, very well done, but yea....its furniture.
  11. :haha: oh boy. and courtorders "i dont even remember making that last post" funny awesome shittt.
  12. odwalla!!!!! full fledge addict cant get enough...i have dreams about B Berrier and owning one of those odwalla cases in my home stocked with juice.. ...fuck soda, if i want caffeine, ill drink coffee...
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