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  1. what's up gang, its been a bit but i wanted to share this video we did at vice on steve powers about writing, sign painting, being a dad, and his love letters to brooklyn. http://www.vice.com/art-talk/steve-powers later taters r
  2. Check out this video on James. I knew about the LEDs and the lazer shit. But the eyewriter that he and others created for Tempt is maybe the most inspiring shit ive seen recently. If you don't know the back story, Tempt suffers from ALS and is virtually paralyzed by the disease. But through sheer tenacity and technology James and the group created a custom "eyewriter" that allows Tempt to once again create with just eye movements, thwarting the effect of ALS. Watch the video here - http://thecreatorsproject.com/creators/james-powderly Hugs, roedood
  3. Lance Bangs takes his documentarian eye/lens, and captures a Los Angeles in 2009 boiling over in creativity and awesomeness. Shake that 8ball and all signs point to a golden period for the City of Angels. No scene is built in a day. It takes the right place, the right time, the right people and then a bit of luck. Bangs focuses on the store "Family" but pulls in other planets in the Los Angeles solar system like The Smell, Ooga Booga, Hamburger Eyes and Hope Gallery. Lance also turns the camera on the people making the scene aside from the family at Family including appearances by No Age, Brendan Fowler, Ron Rege, Aaron Rose and more. WATCH - FAMILY PORTRAIT - http://www.vbs.tv/watch/bangs/family-portrait-1-of-2
  4. hey im lazy and dont want to dig in but thought these links were great. stumbling home drunk last night finally saw the twins mural on houston. they twins dedicated their mural to iz and sacer. made me smile - http://gothamist.com/2009/07/16/sace_dedication.php and one of the best thoughts on sace as well as photos is on gavin's (vice founder) new site street carnage. http://streetbonersandtvcarnage.com/blog/dash-snow-1981-2009-2/ multiple posts as well with dope photos roedood
  5. thought some you guys would dig this doc, maybe even some of you know of him, i didnt. http://www.vbs.tv/watch/motherboard/stelarc-the-man-with-three-ears "Stelarc is not interested in explaining what he is. On this edition of Motherboard, VBS meets Stelarc, a Greek weirdo who lives in Australia and has been screwing with his body in the furtherance of art, technology, and cyborg rights."
  6. yeah i think the subs are like a year old, but i dont think anyone has reported on the torpedo of fun traveling underwater
  7. cool video on this recent form of trafficking via the 2nd gen pablo escobars via subs and torpedo with never seen before shit that starts in parts 3 i think. next level. http://www.vbs.tv/video.php?id=21814420001
  8. me neither. im just here to stir up the pot and see what boils.....
  9. there ya go! dear soup thanks for posting and continuing this thread.
  10. to see the picture just click on the bold words on the viceland post. they are called links, its an html thing. dont worry about it. the photo is awesome, as is the vice photo book. gay indeed.
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