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  1. what's up gang, its been a bit but i wanted to share this video we did at vice on steve powers about writing, sign painting, being a dad, and his love letters to brooklyn. http://www.vice.com/art-talk/steve-powers later taters r
  2. Check out this video on James. I knew about the LEDs and the lazer shit. But the eyewriter that he and others created for Tempt is maybe the most inspiring shit ive seen recently. If you don't know the back story, Tempt suffers from ALS and is virtually paralyzed by the disease. But through sheer tenacity and technology James and the group created a custom "eyewriter" that allows Tempt to once again create with just eye movements, thwarting the effect of ALS. Watch the video here - http://thecreatorsproject.com/creators/james-powderly Hugs, roedood
  3. Lance Bangs takes his documentarian eye/lens, and captures a Los Angeles in 2009 boiling over in creativity and awesomeness. Shake that 8ball and all signs point to a golden period for the City of Angels. No scene is built in a day. It takes the right place, the right time, the right people and then a bit of luck. Bangs focuses on the store "Family" but pulls in other planets in the Los Angeles solar system like The Smell, Ooga Booga, Hamburger Eyes and Hope Gallery. Lance also turns the camera on the people making the scene aside from the family at Family including appearances by No Age, Brendan Fowler, Ron Rege, Aaron Rose and more. WATCH - FAMILY PORTRAIT - http://www.vbs.tv/watch/bangs/family-portrait-1-of-2
  4. hey im lazy and dont want to dig in but thought these links were great. stumbling home drunk last night finally saw the twins mural on houston. they twins dedicated their mural to iz and sacer. made me smile - http://gothamist.com/2009/07/16/sace_dedication.php and one of the best thoughts on sace as well as photos is on gavin's (vice founder) new site street carnage. http://streetbonersandtvcarnage.com/blog/dash-snow-1981-2009-2/ multiple posts as well with dope photos roedood
  5. thought some you guys would dig this doc, maybe even some of you know of him, i didnt. http://www.vbs.tv/watch/motherboard/stelarc-the-man-with-three-ears "Stelarc is not interested in explaining what he is. On this edition of Motherboard, VBS meets Stelarc, a Greek weirdo who lives in Australia and has been screwing with his body in the furtherance of art, technology, and cyborg rights."
  6. yeah i think the subs are like a year old, but i dont think anyone has reported on the torpedo of fun traveling underwater
  7. cool video on this recent form of trafficking via the 2nd gen pablo escobars via subs and torpedo with never seen before shit that starts in parts 3 i think. next level. http://www.vbs.tv/video.php?id=21814420001
  8. me neither. im just here to stir up the pot and see what boils.....
  9. there ya go! dear soup thanks for posting and continuing this thread.
  10. to see the picture just click on the bold words on the viceland post. they are called links, its an html thing. dont worry about it. the photo is awesome, as is the vice photo book. gay indeed.
  11. http://vice.typepad.com/vice_magazine/2008/02/new-york---swin.html Man, we are really digging the back cover of the new Swindle. Of course, we liked it a little bit better when we ran it in our Photo Issue three years ago and then re-printed it as the last page in our Photo Book, but a good picture's a good picture, nawwa'eresayin? We thought it might be an honest mistake—after all, Shepard Fairey probably has a pretty difficult time keeping his ear to the ground between all the album artwork and celebrity guitars and culture-jamming Bush out of the White House—but an anonymous insider told us, "The whole office was against using that picture, but Shepard insisted on it. It was a huge scandal. Everyone was emailing him about how old it was, and he just wouldn't back down. Originally he wanted to put it on the front cover. Thankfully, we managed to talk him out of that, but this is still super embarrassing." Oops. ahahaha....couldnt help it. been too long away from here. MI
  12. hey good news, confirmation! new album in works. we got kevin sheilds on our VBS interview program Soft Focus which is hosted by Ian Svenonius. Ian Svenonius is not only a lyricist and performer of unparalleled depth and intensity (in bands such as the Nation of Ulysses, Cupid Car Club, Make-Up, and Weird War), but also a secret custodian of rock lore and a theorizer of cultural connections that the rest of us, blind in comparison, tend to miss. For supporting evidence, see his recently released book The Psychic Soviet. He lives, like many of America’s national treasures, in Washington DC. Soft Focus met with Kevin Shields at a smoky pub in Shoreditch, London to find out many things about his music and his life. Is there a new record coming soon? Yes, there is. Is Kevin one of the greatest producers and songwriters ever? Yes, he is. Do we feel privileged to have sat and talked with Mr. Shields for what is rumored to be the longest interview he has ever given? You bet we do. part 1 of 4 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1293598938&bccl=Mjg0OTUyNzA0X19FVEM part 2 of 4 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1295292986&bccl=Mjg0OTUyNzA0X19FVEM http://www.vbs.tv/softfocus/kevin_shields.php
  13. lovers and haters, season 2 starts now. episode 1 up now. Tijuana to North Pole. trains, planes, and automobiles. #1 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1293598942&bccl=MTI5ODM1NjU5OV9fRVRD youre welcome MV
  14. glad you guys liked the piece so much. we did an interview on cnn for it with ryan duffy, the host. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2007/09/26/ntm.zombie.drug.cnn
  15. Pooper! thanks for the love mengs!! New show Art Talk! on VBS.tv Okay so I can only draw a stick figure and can finger paint, but I still love making art and love seeing art. That is why I am so excited about our new VBS show. Art Talk! is a new original series on VBS in which we track down some of the most exciting new artists and established contemporary masters to visit their studios, talk about their work, and just generally ask them, “How and why.” The first episode features esteemed American artist Richard Prince in a candid afternoon at his upstate New York compound. Richard currently has a retrospective at called "Spiritual America" that will run till January 9th, 2008. Richard Prince on Art Talk! Part 1 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1213891072&bccl=MTIxMzg3NTEzMF9fRVRD Part 2 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1219795828&bccl=MTIxMzg3NTEzMF9fRVRD Part 3 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1217632646&bccl=MTIxMzg3NTEzMF9fRVRD Part 4 is up tomorrow on http://www.VBS.tv Also coming soon on Art Talk!: Terench Koh Laurel Nakadate Enrique Metinides Dan Colen Kate Hardy AA Bronson Aaron Young Michelle O’Marah
  16. yeah the david choe shit is fucking great. here is the show blog - http://vbs.tv/shows/index.php?show=Thumbs%20Up! any mo rocca fans? he killed on dos and donts this week http://vbs.tv/shows/index.php?show=DDF
  17. fucking love her. we did some dos and donts with her for vice. shes fucking funny and cute http://www.vbs.tv/shows/index.php?show=DDF
  18. fucking love her we had her do some dos and donts with us over at vice http://www.vbs.tv/shows/index.php?show=DDF
  19. Jamaica week on VBS hey kids dropping in to let you know what ups on vbs. like jamaica? jamaica here! http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=933051000&bccl=OTMyNzA4MzMyX19NVVNJQw http://vbs.tv/shows/index.php?show=Music%20World and see dancehall queens do things that i think may be illegal: http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=932485426&bccl=OTMyNzA4MzMyX19NVVNJQw last but not least, here is an exclusive dancehall mix tape from us http://vbs.tv/shows/Jamaica/VICE%20KILLS%20JA.mp3
  20. hey kids uncle roe, doing shameless promotion. epicly laterd the best fucking skate show interviews jake phelps the legend of thrasher mag. part 1 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=769702308&bccl=NDEyNDcwMTU1X19FVEM= part 2 - http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=769385694&bccl=NDEyNDcwMTU1X19FVEM=
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