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  1. if it was just truth serum, it would just make you tell the truth, which would be hilarious, like liar liar. this shit seems to make you incapable of saying no. like the use of making a dead man's mistresses march into the grave with him and sit there while they are buried alive. or the use of making women prostitute themselves while on it. that seems like more than the inability to lie. perhaps it is exagerated though. in any event, the concept terrifies me, even if the reality falls slightly short. i think the movie 'the serpent and the rainbow' is about this shit
  2. In that case, a great deal of research, seemingly done in advance and placed on such websites as erowid.org, wikipedia.org, et al., has been released simultaneously with the vbs.tv story in order to make it appear to be a true phenomenon, in the immortal yellow journalistic tradition of holocaust denial. let me guess, you're an intelligent design advocate?
  3. no one would ever steal a video camera
  4. ... or, the scariest thing I've ever seen. http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1119242704&bccl=MTExOTE3NDYwNF9fTkVXUw==
  5. an all time great. just watched it a week ago, but this thread makes me want to slip that greasy dvd into my hot slot. n'i mean? jusq'ici, tout va bien... jusq'ici, tout va bien
  6. no, i meant Dane Cook is some what original, at least in his super annoying delivery, although the Louis CK theft is confirmed. carlos mencia has a special place in hell waiting for him, when he finally chokes on that final burrito while making a joke about a black midget. Carlos Mencia is accepted as a 'brother' by certain contingents of the arian brotherhood. Fact. And, Eddie Murphy is far from the best ever, since, at the very least, he does Richard Pryor jokes, but isn't as funny as Richard Pryor. Not even close
  7. dane cook is almost as bad as russell peters who is almost as bad as carlos mencia, because he is bad in a somewhat original way, whereas they simply fall short of dave chapelle
  8. you can't even spell Nasdaq. Do you know how to calculate a P/E ratio? actually, apple is down from a 52 week high, and even on friday, when the iPhone came out, the stock price (which is not 'equivalent' to what a stock is 'worth') only fluctuated within a two point range, if i'm reading my chart right, which i am. conclusion? your grandpa, smart though he may be, did not make a shit load of money on friday unless he invested a HUGE ammount of start up capital, since the max gain was about 2% on friday. look for the stock to jump around earnings announcement time, provided the iPhone con
  9. does anyone know how i can convert a VOB file into an mpeg on a mac? do i need a program i don't have? sorry if this has already been covered. Thanks
  10. looking to expand my working knowledge of soul music along the lines of old teddy p and luther and earth wind and fire. anyone have suggestions on artists i've never heard of? word.
  11. good looks errbody. closed? or do we want to talk more about tiger bombs?
  12. on the madvillain CD, the song pretty blood, what is the song sampled? the one that goes 'yoooou've been drifting around the town, with your fancy clown'. the winner gets a 'tiger bomb' which is a sandwhich i created to honor tiger woods. it consists of: a sub roll, 3 nike golf balls, and slathered in tiger balm. how you use the ingredients is totally at your discretion.
  13. is kisama lord_casek's new SN? that's a little extreme for the situation i think. i mean, i don't think there should be tremendously hard feelings, i certainly have none; i do enjoy arguing. the problem, casek, is that when you take up this stance that everything is part of this agenda, you find away to make everything part of the agenda. like the boystown thing (which you brought up and criticized me for not knowing in the same post, btw), which was not at all relevent. my problem with this tack is that it infers causality and is self-satisfying. 'think the gov't is trying to control eve
  14. i think cartman's use of the phrase on south park predates zach morris' first use. not 100% sure though
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