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  1. lolz this looks like my sister.
  2. a lot of sun = a lot of SLUTS. i love it. tits be poppin' errywhere. pop pop nigga.
  3. top ramen spicy chettos broccoli beef potatoes
  4. loyal bitches usually get stuck with lying assholes... oh, fuck the world.
  5. auuughhh... hes albino.. shits nasty.
  6. fags only wear pink and teal together... suxors.
  7. smash but use a condom..you dont want a two headed freak poppin out a sweaty vag hole.
  8. I feel you on the adobo and punsit... i dont know how to spell it due to my americanization of this cruel cruel world... but i also love sinnygun, oh and cant forget the lumpia... my mom cooks a mad adobo. sooo goood.
  9. aint nothin like pure sake salmon
  10. i will never turn away from starcraft... its my life.... yes.
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