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  1. i seen this on the news or discovery channel once. the leader guy with the rainbow afro was saying how he took all these kids from gangs or something and let them be dancing clowns with him..something like that
  2. asdjk

    Whatup WhodieLife

    hey fuse did you get those stickers yet ?
  3. asdjk


    18.4 shit i should eat somemore word ?
  4. asdjk

    open or closed

    but are you supposed to keep all the tooth paste stuff in your mouth or spit it out and why dont my teeth have smiles on them
  5. i seen it in this movie and i felt like i was doing everything wrong by brushing with my mouth open discuss
  6. :love2: haha o man 12 oz is getting better than tv
  7. man i was reading this thread last night .. so i had a dream that i found ten bucks .. but i woke up and i didnt really find ten bucks.. fuck this thread
  8. asdjk

    I have a new crush

    i remember that episode... basketball was its name. boy was it funny
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