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  1. is that mingo? i think it says MI. my vision is blurred by love
  2. some of the worst things i have ever done in my life can be partially related to my heavy consumption of royal gate. heres the gameplan: when you woke up you should have taken her to the carousel and then ran around the carousel off the horses until the attendant kicks you out. then you can go wait in front of a liquor store and try to score some more royal gate. Then its skrate smashers and dashers. then your back to the carousel.
  3. my favorite flavors: red berry black cherry flavors that suck suck but i will drink anyway: peach (this flavor sucks because it lacks the syruppy flavors that knocks out whatever else is in it that makes it cisco) orange does anyone know what is in cisco? it tastes like nyquil or something but i have always wondered what that extra ingredient is that adds its gulliness
  4. Cisco is a Beverage Dessert wine for people who like a strong, great-tasting sweet wine at an affordable price. i guess the kind people at cisco kind of summed it up the best. i have managed to collect all flavors last week when i found the green apple. my favorite flavor is easily the red. Its quite the conversation piece at a party as well. i read on some weird blog shit that when cisco was introduced in D.C. that 75% of cases of children under the gae of 16 who went to the hospital for alcohol poisining. cisco is a beast
  5. stuntastic


    this shit is something else. its rather hard to find in my area and if you drink 2 relatively small bottles, each 375 ml, you will be very very drunk and at less than 2 dollars a bottle you cant go wrong.anyhoo, this is pretty much all i drink now . I thought i had really found my nitch in the drinking game but recently I have been having some problems. My left arm has been getting numb and with shooting pains in it and the last couple times i drank it i felt like i was peeing in my pants. I kept rushing up to the bano and checking my weiner region out for urine that i didnt know about. turns out i never did pee in my pants but it still left me with some concern. I cant go back to royal gate and call me a vagina but i just cant drink forties anymore. post some good cisco stories if you have any. or not. http://www.ghettowine.com http://www.bumwine.com what it doh doh
  6. quotin the nut. nothing wrong with that. im treally down to pop uponst your return.
  7. thats good work right there. im sick of all these litterbugs. and watch it bro. ill tell everyone. and that wall is hot like a candle flame. CALIENTE!
  8. YO,you know what i heard, is that that shit is a video game advertisment,but thats just what i heard. Word. but dont ask me why. Quoted post frank stays on one. the man is simply unpredictable.
  9. those adios tags make my dick hard
  10. god your hecka weak dude. i just saw the tunnels in the stro. stro business. that shits weak Quoted post you know if this was real life by now i would have jacked your coloring book, and pissed all over your new sketchers :gaga: Quoted post [/b] the point is that you were wrong and i was right.
  11. god your hecka weak dude. i just saw the tunnels in the stro. stro business. that shits weak
  12. i totally hate society too. i am so sick of the man trying to hold me down and all the jerks out there. capitalist jerks i might add. im really into anarchy. ANARCHY RULES! when it comes time for the people to rise above the president and what not the civilians are gonna pay!!!!!!I am so sick of society always trying to change me and make me wear a suit when i really just want to wear what i want. no matter how hard the man tries i will never become one of those suits walking aroudn with there agendas. got i hate society bro!!!!!!!
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