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  1. deph

    ATG crew - London

    This is meant to be about ATG so quit all this beef. Secondly all your grammer and punctuation or the lack there of is making it look like writers cannot write. Do not forget language is your friend. xxx
  2. deph

    State Your Name....

    It's so live I watched it the other night. Grimey sections.
  3. Sound's pretty gorey, he had to have fallen of the wagon.
  4. *oh yeah make some more time in my life more the OZ's
  5. *Pass this semester and get more sleep. *drink a shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes *have some clean clothes *drive the length of britain (real goal for summer)
  6. deph

    uk wall flixs

    maybe he posted wrong flick???
  7. deph

    uk wall flixs

    ^^^^^ That cafe was fresh. But I swear it's been buffed now.?.?
  8. deph

    On my travels

    I come back after a short time away, and all i hear is bitching.
  9. deph


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