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  1. if he asked me to battle and I said no you know you would all be using that against me right now. But because its the other way around its all good.
  2. you should have battled me.. that would have been the bigger move..
  3. No, I don't have that luxury.. There is no delete button. The thread is here and I have two options. I can look like the bitch you claim I am and run away and hide or I can stick around and stick up for myself. What would you do if you were backed into a wall? really ask yourself that?
  4. BAHAHAHAA!!! im trying to figure out how youre a god damn writer if you dont battle!!!!! this is fucking rich!! great job silicone! you really made your boys proud!
  5. You are trolling me because you bit off more than you can chew and now you're afraid of how you'll look if you stop. But you're also too afraid to get owned in a battle.. It's quite the conundrum.
  6. Yo bro,,, do you even battle?
  7. Let me know when you're ready to battle... till then we're about done here..
  8. Now lets all get back to drawing penises!!!!!!!!
  9. Really,, wow... So I'm the bitch,, right...?? ok just wanted to clear that up...
  10. I'm hardly talking shit.. I started a thread that cant be deleted and my only option is to explain my point of view while i get tag teamed by a bunch of you. I've even offered to battle you to back up my only claim of being somewhat decent in a blackbook. If you were in my shoes what would you do. I may be in your world but I'm hardly acting like a bitch here..
  11. And in real life you're concerned with that! WOW!!!
  12. And can you imagine how much more valid it would be if you weren't saying it on a graffiti forum, but in real life!
  13. You sure you're not shedding a few tears... You seem pretty passionate about all this...
  14. He said "Im gonna sit you down and tell you something" I'm sorry but that response was totally valid...
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