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  1. thanks everybody for the advice and the congratulations and APPARENTLY its gonna be christmas eve but i think the little baby is going to wait till after christmas. In terms of the ODST//Left 4 Dead// Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 - what are the multiplayer/xbox live optiosn like? FOr example. HE LOVES to play GTA IV online and kill other people.
  2. Hes already got the extension pack for GTA IV and hes gonna get the "a-rab money" explansion pack the DAY it comes out.. which is in November. so there goes the obvious choices. I didnt put this in xbox thread b/c this is also a CHRISTMAS 2009 thread. aka others can come here to ask opinions too. like if any guys need help with running their gift ideas for wifey by me.. i can help too ha
  3. Heeeeeeeeeeeey guys, I know i know, i havent posted in 10101002 years but I'm not allowed to look at forums at work (specially when you never know when a nekked girl is going to show. Anyways - I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks and I'm starting my Christmas shopping list... and i need your help!! My hubby likes his Xbox 360 and i want to choose a good game for him. NOw the ones he likes and plays on a regular basis are GTA IV Need for Speed (an of them) Star Wars (the newest one??) Gears of War Now i need some suggestions/reviews to go along with the following ideas i have Call of Duty - World at War Halo 3 New Halo? ODST/OEST?? And before anyone says - " i cant believe you're thinking of this shit before Nov 1" - i am 7.5 months pregnant and there is no fucking way i;m in a mall after dec 1. Im due dec 24 and i cant handle crowds. thanks for the help!!
  4. my little one is due December 24. poor thing - im going to try to always seperate their birthday and christmas :(
  5. did you read that freaky shit about how some groups isolated cells from a 36 year old women's face and from some 69 year old dudes prostate.... they mutated them... added 4 genes and WHEN THEY DIVIDED THEY WERE PLEURIPOTENT FUCKING STEM CELLS. shits crazy cool - but only 1/10000 cells were viable..... you thinking... regenerative cells much? gene therapy for fucking quaqripelegics...
  6. actually.... ALOT <<==== MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ONER
  7. i vote BOOGS because i want to say to buy a house for the FINANCIAL reasons - you own the land and it's an investment but, because i'm 22 and single i want to get a condo to keep up with my fast lifestyle. sigh
  8. the bug was neither cricket, ant, NOR spider. its a special type of insect. in english they are called "egyptian crickets" but apparently they aren't crickets. google images them : "cara de nino insecto" they are fucking crazy lookin!
  9. the iPhone is pretty fucking cool too... the bf just got one here (hard to find cus no one offers them here (yet)) and its pretty handy. we were having a discussion in the car the other day (4 of us) about what type of bug the "Cara de nino" is - whether it was an ant, a spider or a cricket - and I, not being from the south, had no idea what they were talking about... out came the iPhone and wikipedia that shit.... good for arguements too... its answers at your fingertips
  10. i knew i would get some acknowledgement from somebody. another that i suggest to you is AMARTE DUELE - but its kind of a "chilango" movie ... but a nice little cute story, kind of Romeo and Julietish oh and the chikey poo in the flick - i dunno if it has english subtitles or not (?)
  11. Really good, really funny. English subtitles NOT available - so sorry, so kinda limits most of the people here (except gingerbreadman, rushwaun and el mams) and OH lots of TITTY action for you perveracts about 2 couples, and their respective 3rd parties (read. lovers) - and eventually ends up with the women against the men etc etc. last ENGLISH-speaking movie i saw was ... that one with denzel and dakota fanning about kidnappings in mexico city, and he gets all crazy and vengeful and goes on an assasination spree- Man on Fire? yeah, thats it, pretty scary shit. and ps. marc anthony = gremlin
  12. really? no one caught this? IN VAIN. as you know, you're talking about touring through the states to teach the americans how to "speak proper engrish" (typo intended) 100$? I agree with d-habz and the expensive liquor, something to enjoy and to appreciate in value
  13. that and the statement about anglo girls not having curves AYeBee. I'm fucking Anglo and have a huge ass and big hips - and i sure as hell don't get it from my Chinese side of the family.
  14. DISAGREE. I am 5' 7 and weight 140. I don't have a perfect body but its pretty good. no muffin top on the jeans. I am a size 8. I am white (English, Australian, German) and 1/4 Chinese. I HAVE AN ASS. witnesses to my not fat body: Seven.13 Ese T.T. Boy SO you're blantent blanket-statement bullshit is stupid.
  15. Earmuffs. how can you call yourself an "artist" without knowing who frida is? Frida Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera are 2 of Mexico's MOST famous artists, and they are praised all over the world for their works.
  16. Heard it thru the grapevine - the slits
  17. sarahyoulose


    no mames cabron! pinch maricon!
  18. ATP?! GLIK-O you could better
  19. ^^^^^ you got my facebook message so you know where all the festivities are going downnnnnn. and about being peed on.. EBPH ain't here anymore so i am urnine free
  20. ^^^^^ you got my facebook message so you know where all the festivities are going downnnnnn. and about being peed on.. EBPH ain't here anymore so i am urnine free
  21. what? no appearance of the boy himself? LAMEEEEEEEEEEEE
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