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  1. fatalist

    Dear ________,

    Dear Channel Zero, It's been a long damn while, but I decided to take a break from my domesticated life to see what became of this place.
  2. fatalist

    RIP VILLAIN (old school)

    He truly was.
  3. fatalist

    RIP VILLAIN (old school)

    He was definitely an active member back in the day.
  4. fatalist

    RIP VILLAIN (old school)

  5. fatalist

    RIP VILLAIN (old school)

    For those who remember Villain, I just found out he passed away January 25, 2011. I hope you are in a peaceful place my friend.
  6. fatalist

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    spending that money.
  7. fatalist

    the christmas wish list thread

    get on that PSM.
  8. fatalist

    My Band

    way to give back casek.
  9. fatalist


    I applaud Sam's lesbian-chic sartorial choices.
  10. fatalist

    the12oz ch zero online losers thread<<

    wow. You seriously fail at being witty.
  11. For real. G. Carry her to the fucking bed.
  12. fatalist


    Right guy. Coming from the idiot who drinks rubbing alcohol, and the slut who's a professional prostitute. You're just as hilarious, fucking cornball. You're depressing.
  13. fatalist


    You're obviously umad bitch. Your fucking life is hysterical and I feel sorry for you. You're such a dumb bitch with no future.
  14. I loves babies. you got a cutie there.