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  1. Yeah definitely, the number of cases is only the people that have been tested. And if you guys have noticed, it seems only "important" people are being tested. I have a friend who has a 100.8 fever and a dry cough, she can't get tested because her fever isn't high enough. They're quite literally being bitches about .2 degrees. I told her she should just eat something hot and run down the block then go try again. Not to mention, there's "80,000" cases in China. So we can assume that number is closer to what, probably 150k? We have a shelter in place order but they haven't said anything about my WFH being extended, it's currently until the 6th. I have feeling it'll be extended though.
  2. We need DAO back up in this motherfucker to tell you that you need to type out Insane Clown Posse so people don't get him and his crew confused.
  3. Crackheads definitely got the 'rona, be careful. Or would it be the opposite? Crack makes you immune to corona? You gotta figure holding in all that rock smoke has to power up your lungs to level 7000.
  4. Pfft I haven't gotten nothing for free but I'm about to go party in L.A. on Saturday. 36 bucks! For real though it's pretty crazy how they're essentially flying empty planes just to maintain the flight paths. I've been staying at my girl's parents' house, been quarantined since last Monday and haven't left aside from taking the dog for walks. The good news is that everybody tolerates each other well, and I've been working from home, but I still have cabin fever. Not to mention I haven't seen the city in 2 weeks now almost, I feel like I'm lost in suburbia. Been ordering off Instacart and Shipt for food. My job should be secure at least for a while but my girl's sister already got let go, she was a server at a restaurant. I gotta be honest, in 2020, in a first world country, having to deal with some shit like this was the absolute last thing on my mind. Couldn't nobody tell whoever it was to keep the fuckin' bat at a rolling boil for 3 minutes?
  5. Kalashnikov


    Just checking in here, hope everybody is doing alright. I've been sober minus a few drinks on New Year's Eve when I went to watch the fireworks with my girl. Fucked up that once but otherwise I've been sober. I do plan on drinking Saturday since I'll be in New Orleans. Gonna see what the city has to offer, catch a few handstyles, smash down a po' boy, chill with the girl, just relax. Then no more drinking until New York in February, and should be going to Costa Rica in April provided I get my passport straightened out. My plan is to try and keep the drinking this year to trips. We'll see how it plays out I guess.
  6. The reason doesn't make a difference, it doesn't change the outcome at all. Even if he wasn't painting though, graffiti definitely attracts a certain type of person. A live for today, fuck tomorrow, let's do it type of personality, I guess.
  7. Kalashnikov


    Be careful homie, benzo withdrawal is dangerous. Nothing wrong with tapering if you need to. Best of luck though, small victories indeed. I hear that shit. I've been 100% sober since I last posted (aside from cafecito if you count that, I don't). Going to my girl's for Christmas Eve tomorrow night, then Christmas dinner with her aunts and uncles the next. I know the whole family is probably gonna be lit but I've already told myself that I'm not going to so I'm content with it. Actually a little happy as Christmas in pretty much all of my past years aside from the past few has been something along the lines of wake up, smell food cooking, drink, try to keep a healthy buzz around my parents without looking like a total drunk, wait and hope somebody gives me money, call up the H man, wait, wait, finally go out to meet, get high. Past few years since I quit heroin it's pretty much just been get drunk all day. So this will be the first sober Christmas since I don't even remember when. Now that I haven't drank for a little while I'm starting to notice all the little shit that's wrong with my body, that either alcohol was masking or I just brushed off as nothing being hungover a good majority of the days.
  8. What the fuck. Oontzers are dropping like flies it seems. RIP JUGZER. By all means, not throwing any shade on JUGZER as I have no clue what happened, but to bring the topic up but I guess it's kind of to be expected that lots of people die young in this lifestyle. Graffiti is full of risks, dangers, venturing into the abyss, drugs/alcohol, bad decisions, and general fuckery. Wish it wasn't that way.
  9. Would not consider that thick. Then again, thick to me is 2.5 jiggles back when you slap the ass. 3 full jiggles back is fat.
  10. Kalashnikov


    Thanks, this actually helps give some insight. I'm pretty much the exact same as you in terms of my drinking habits. Typically once a week, sometimes a few days at a time, since around the same age with a few breaks (mostly when I was into heroin, as funny as that might be). We're also pretty much the same age. This past week, I had a few friends from high school come visit me and they're straight up alcoholics, drinking morning until night. I would drink at night with them most nights, and the pain is definitely drinking related. It actually was quite noticeable yesterday (Sunday), and was sharp at times when it never was before. I drank Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I also notice it when I've abstained from drinking and have one beer, it starts maybe a minute after taking the first few sips. Either way though I'm gonna give the drinking a rest for at least like 4 or 5 weeks and see what happens. Which I guess means I'll have a sober Christmas and New Years, but whatever. It's not like drinking makes anything better, but it does help you feel normal when you're an anxious wreck half the time. I also plan on going to the doctor to see what this is about, ask for some labs, etc. I'm glad that you quit (pretty much), living a longer life is the better choice.
  11. Just took a shower, gonna go to my girl's parents' place to wash our cars and go to some birthday celebration with her friends where we're just meeting in a park to play soccer and shit. Exercise is good, I guess. Different than the usual "meet at the bar" birthday celebrations.
  12. Trash the midgets too man. It'd just be too weird, even if they look alright. Plus those hands, I can't.
  13. There is not even one small thing about this girl that would make me have even a slight interest in this. Trrrrrasssshhhh.
  14. I put Valentina on pretty much anything that'll take it. It's nothing fancy, you can get it at any supermercado or even Walmart. They have hot and extra hot, both are delicious. It goes on chicken, beef, rice... anything.
  15. Not listening to shit right now but Ghostface - One is stuck in my head. Discovered Wiki as a Spotify recommendation not long ago. Really like this shit.
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