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  1. The 1st Moderna didn't do anything to me, my arm was sore for a day or two. Second one kicked my ass, I got it at the beginning of April. It's nice not having to worry about catching this shit for the most part. I'm not about to ask a sick person to cough in my face, but I'm enjoying going out to eat and living life again. Plus my 5g reception is great everywhere I go now.
  2. Yeah, that's definitely it. This picture is not particularly flattering.
  3. LOL @ this. I agree with AOC on pretty much nothing except for the whole Robinhood/market ordeal last week. Something doesn't look right about her, I think her tooth size/facial space ratio is off, leaning heavily in favor of tooth. Don't see myself kicking her out of bed, but there's better out there.
  4. To be fair, the people having their GME sold off bought on margin. That's in the TOS when you sign up for a margin account. I have to say, this is all very interesting to watch play out, that's for sure. Either way, lots of people are invested just to send a message. This is all going to crash and burn as soon as Melvin/Citadel are out. It's just a shame that the United States advertises itself as having "free market capitalism", we know that isn't the case. Just with everything else in this country, it's the illusion and feeling of freedom so long as you don't try to
  5. This is textbook market manipulation. So much for free market when the brokerages all disallow the meme stocks. Laws for thee, not for me. These past few days have really shown how things work. It's all fun and games until hedge funds start losing money.
  6. I just watched this on the California exodus, lots of it is focused on California to Texas (mostly Austin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez90rXhMWjE Really interesting and I mean... I don't see why people are surprised. You tax businesses and workers up the ass, cost of living is fucking ridiculous, and you wonder why you can't hold on to residents. Then, surprise! Everyone is leaving. All for what? I've been to SF before and while the cityscape itself is beautiful (hills, that blue water reflection off the buildings when you're coming
  7. This is another thing I've considered. The south and Texas also have the friendliest people I've encountered as well. Here, everyone is extremely stand offish and has a "me first" mentality even for the most trivial of things... like making room for someone on the sidewalk when you're exercising and they're walking 4 people wide, taking up the whole thing. I'm just kind of burned out and while I definitely am nowhere close to being able to afford a house now, when I can someday, I'd like it at least to be an option. I feel like that'll never happen here. Or at least n
  8. I would have to imagine a seltzer that was 8% alcohol, and made by Budweiser on top of it all, would taste like shit.
  9. I got rid of FB years ago, one of the better decisions I've made. I've heard it has become a cesspool lately.
  10. Was only kidding... unless you want to of course! All kidding aside though I appreciate the advice and insight, it is useful. I have found that my willingness to deal with "city bullshit" is decreasing, so I wouldn't mind getting a place farther out. Here, I have neighbors that treat the entire apartment building as their own house, as opposed to just their apartment. Letting their kids run up and down the hallway at random times screaming. I legit think they just get sick of having the 3 of them in a small ass apartment and just tell them to "go outside" and play... outside meanin
  11. What do you do for a living? I would take a helicopter over a jet. No airport needed. I have been to Austin once but not for many years. From what I understand it's gotten very Californiaish, which is further mentioned by yourself. That's not something i"m looking for really. Like I said, live and let live but no touchin' my money or guns damnit 'murica.
  12. I mean... I've been looking for jobs, they definitely pay more there for what I do specifically. Miami is shit for IT and wages. Both Florida and TX have no state income tax, I'd make ~$10-15k more in Houston from what I have seen thus far for similar jobs. Even if I kept my job (which is a distinct possibility) and just worked remote, the cost of living is less so I'd still come out ahead. That's relative though too. Yeah of course, it was cheaper years ago but it's STILL cheap if you're coming from here, New York, California, etc. My 600sq ft apartment for $2k is cheap
  13. Howdy partners. After a lot of deliberation, wifey and I have decided that there is not much of a promising future here for us. We make okay money but buying a house here (Miami) is some bullshit. $350k gets you a shithole in Little Haiti with bars on the windows and a toilet that somehow migrated out of the bathroom and into the yard. We both have jobs here, I work in IT and she does clinical research. Miami is pretty famous for low wages, high rent, and we definitely feel it. It's no secret that we'd both make more elsewhere. We have been tossing around the idea of moving for a w
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