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  1. Just took a shower, gonna go to my girl's parents' place to wash our cars and go to some birthday celebration with her friends where we're just meeting in a park to play soccer and shit. Exercise is good, I guess. Different than the usual "meet at the bar" birthday celebrations.
  2. Trash the midgets too man. It'd just be too weird, even if they look alright. Plus those hands, I can't.
  3. There is not even one small thing about this girl that would make me have even a slight interest in this. Trrrrrasssshhhh.
  4. I put Valentina on pretty much anything that'll take it. It's nothing fancy, you can get it at any supermercado or even Walmart. They have hot and extra hot, both are delicious. It goes on chicken, beef, rice... anything.
  5. Not listening to shit right now but Ghostface - One is stuck in my head. Discovered Wiki as a Spotify recommendation not long ago. Really like this shit.
  6. Kalashnikov


    I have been drinking more than I want to inside lately, if that makes sense. One thing I'm starting to get worried about, when I drink a lot I notice that I get this dull pain where I feel like my right kidney would be, but sometimes it's on the front too. It's right above my pelvic bone, so it feels too far down to be my liver. It's not bad but it's noticeable. I don't really notice it at all after I'm a few days removed from drinking. I've been drinking maybe 2-3 times a week. Anybody ever experience something similar? I had a physical earlier this year and nothing stood out as a problem.
  7. There's some decent and funny stories in this thread, lol. This past weekend, took my girl out to the Keys. We got a hotel room with a balcony overlooking the water on a quiet key. We get in the place, looks nice, but the bed is against the wall. Why not move the bed to right in front of the balcony door so we can look at the water while we lay there, right? We start messing around with the door wide open. No big deal, there's nobody around. Things start getting heavier, I'm kinda kneeling and she's sucking me off while I'm fingering her with her ass facing the door. I'm getting into it and I decide to look out the door, a boat has appeared and there's like 6 people just standing on it looking right at us. It made getting up to close the blinds a little awkward.
  8. I rarely, rarely write anything by hand anymore. It's all digital. However, about two years ago I had to set a new hire up at my job with equipment. I had to write ...I forget what the fuck it was, on a sheet of paper for her. She looked at it and said, "Wow! You have such cool handwriting! It looks like graffiti!" My handwriting is pretty neat but some letters have little twists to them. I just responded, "Meh... maybe in a past life or something." Thought the normie comment was funny though.
  9. Friday night, went out with some people from work. Had 4 drinks, didn't think that I was that drunk but the next morning I definitely felt like shit. Even had my last drink like 2 hours before going to bed, and ate. Began to contemplate drinking in general and how it's getting kind of played out. 100% sobriety has always been a problem for me, though. I still feel like I need some kind of release. Maybe something is just missing in my life. Saturday, hung out with the girl. Mostly did nothing all day, just watched The Wire. Her first time seeing it, my like 15th. Today, meal prepped for the week. I realized I spend a good $150 on food throughout the week eating out for every meal, so I went and just made arroz con frijoles and chicken for the week. Maybe I'll lose some weight. Trying to fall asleep now. Took a melatonin but it isn't doing a whole lot.
  10. $40 to see them live when they come to Miami, probably gonna go.
  11. That is some day old Little Caesar's looking bullshit. And yeah I couldn't imagine trying to bang her and keep looking down to see a humongous fucking bee... get the fuck outta here with that shit.
  12. Word. My parents never really exercised though, but they stayed normal body weight. I'm starting to get a slight belly (I'm at the very top of "normal" for my height), but god damn. Going to work all day, taking care of adult bullshit and then working out afterwards takes dedication. If you have kids that takes even more. I wish there was hiking around me. The only real place is the Everglades and that's not real hiking, it's walking/running through grass instead of on the pavement. I hate winter but one thing I do miss about being up north is those fall evenings. Where the trees are bare but the leaves are all over the ground, there's that crisp smell in the air and it's perfect weather to be outside exercising in a light hoodie.
  13. Normally I like a girl with decent tattoos, but these tattoos are just ... I don't know. I don't like them. Unattractive
  14. God damn, another death? Rest In Paint
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