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Everything posted by cloner

  1. i found a 100$ BP giftcard and the end of my neighbors driveway. it still had all 100 bucks on it and i kept it and bought beer and cigarettes.
  2. diet air was the best flavor of those.
  3. tease telling someone they try to hard. priceless. Quoted post i havent painted in a year or more and i could still burn you. now thatsssssssssss funny. Quoted post [/b] yo wait, where the fuck did that come from. were we talking about painting up there?
  4. tease telling someone they try to hard. priceless.
  5. cloner


    them powder bue cranks are fresh.
  6. cloner


    thats what i have, a series one, and i love it.
  7. it didnt really work for me?
  8. why does one of these threads pop up every other week or so?
  9. cloner


    dude, the fuckin hoverboards were off the chainnnnn.
  10. cloner


    i wouldnt put a piece or tags or something on them, but you could make em cool no doubt. a lot of shoes come out fresh from nights of painting.edit: POWER LACES.
  11. cloner


    nevertheless, i think its cool.
  12. i was about to say, who the fuck cares.
  13. cloner


    hah you mad? dont be pissy cause you cant do rollers. hahahahahahahah.
  14. cloner

    It saturday...

    lonesome cowboy billllll rideeee the rodeoooooo.
  15. cloner

    Hi Police Officer

    wake up wake up wake upppp its the first of the month.
  16. cloner

    It saturday...

    ahh, well i was gonna paint this morning, but its snowing. i guess.
  17. 2 egg mcmuffins no meat. 2 hash browns. large orange juice. cigarettes.
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