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  1. i got 2 good finds for pants off ebay...i like clothing that fits..but thats ridding or hanging off my ass...these 2 pairs are awsome...i have to take the time for looking for more...stores around here have stright dookie for jeans...everything has tiger stripes across the legs...they are bootcut or to wide...and then you habe so called designer jeans that fit decent but cost 60-100 a pair... thankgoodness for ebay...
  2. no reason for a rant... i hate how hardcore today is a trendy fucking fashsion show :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  3. i need new pants everyplace has boot cut bullshit I NEED PANTS
  4. friday- getting over the flu...wactching tv all day... felt a little better ate some soup and rice spend some time on the computer maby have a tea if i fee better go out and paint? Sat- wake up go paint get a haircut maby go out for a coffee or lunch then try to get some skateing/fiming done? sun- try to paint then who knows
  5. ....this shit is especially true at casinos....i was watching this special on casinos a few years ago..about the tactics the casinos use to get all your money....like there arent ever any clocks in a casino...so you lose track of time and keep playing till you lose all your dough.. well one tactic they use is the carpets in the casino are kinda camoflauged, so if you drop any money, you don't notice it, and they constantly have workers going around and sweeping the floors (probably collecting lost money for the casinos)... so if you keep your eye on the ground...you can find all types of cash, coins and poker chips.... true story.. Quoted post [/b] alright fuck that...looks like im going to be doing some casino snooping...i slept on this one
  6. yeh finding money is awsome, i mean when is it not? but when your flat broke and u just randomly find money u forgot u had in your pockets in old clothing...cant beat it
  7. Also.. "FUCK THE SYSTEM....THEY DONT UNDERSTAND US, ITS AN ART NOT A CRIME!!!" Quoted post [/b] :haha:
  8. gold necklace with gold lions head pendant in locker room Quoted post haha this sounds badass pics?
  9. nah i just never wore the pants in months, i dont even remember how the 5 got there
  10. of being broke as fuck...puting on a old pair of jeans going out...and putting your hands in your pockets to find a folded up 5 doller bill zing ! someone is haveing dinner !
  11. now that the weather is warmin up i hope to be bringing home the gold
  12. iloveboxcars i dont kno what u and your roomates are into, but that place is in need of a mini pipe .
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