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  1. http://www.sushi-x.net/ the godzilla roll is AMAZING.
  2. kefir and ocean spray cran grape juice. awesome.
  3. dude made a beer barbecue sauce with a bunch of shit (including beer), heated it over a medium flame and served to the crew. they looked like kids trying to take down robitusen but all agreed it was delicious. i question their commitment to sparkle motion.
  4. Re: 12OZ CRIBS - April 2007 edition (aka ABC & rental's new pad edition) yeah, im not watching much tv either. im comin more from a crasher's perspective and having crashed on more sofas than i care to admit, ive become something of a sofa aficionado (in my own mind atleast). any self respecting crasher would take thier chances on the lush carpeting over that--it looks like the living room equivalent of a public school desk. but yo still not hating i just take my sofa game seriously.
  5. Re: De La Hoya VS Mayweather de la hoya. May 5th on PPV (HBO PPV). http://www.hbo.com/boxing/events/2007/0505_delahoya_mayweather/index.html it should be on HBO (regular) the following week. im gonna blackout all news boxing for a week to try and keep the outcome on the lo. its boxing, so it shouldn't be hard.
  6. Re: 12OZ CRIBS - April 2007 edition (aka ABC & rental's new pad edition) nice, but you need to step up your ergonomics game. im not hatin im just sayin, it looks like that sofa will fuck a person up more than any amount of beverages and substances ever could.
  7. Dee, everytime i roll through here, something of yours always seems to catch my eye. do you do trades? how about with a random 12oz'r? hollar if you're willing or interested. Thanks.
  8. borat "what is this, a potato?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc1-XslWlDM
  9. im hooked. HBO is killing me right now, but, seriously, they need to step up their season game. 8 episodes every 1.5 years, come on...
  10. you ever swallow down some sun flower seed shells? now imagine a chicken skeleton...that cow is fucked!
  11. Re: hey wst can i play in your sandbox...?? good to see this thread is still going strong. thanks for sharing...and yo post like its 2002!
  12. your job sounds like a keeper (for a few months atleast) fringe benefits are the jam
  13. haha. the only place this dude would shoot up is kfc for giving him extra crispy when he clearly asked for regular crisp.
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