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  1. Most places I go to use Silk, which has always tasted great to me. I think soy lattes (or what have you) taste a lot better with soymilk. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Information Soy milk (also called soymilk, soya milk, soybean milk, soy bean milk, soy drink, or soy beverage) is a milk-like product made from soybeans. Soy milk originated in Eastern Asia, China, a region where the soybean was native and used as food long before the existence of written records. Later on, the soybean and s
  2. So it's pretty safe to say that motherfuckin' SILK makes the best soymilk?
  3. I don't mind. After posting on here for over 5 years you realize you can't get a straight answer from anyone, especially when douchebags like EastBayPowerhouse jump in.
  4. Again .. if you do not drink cows milk I'd like to hear what you do drink -- especially if it is soy/rice milk. Usually when I go to local health food stores they only stock cases of edensoy and ricedream. I wish they stocked cases of Silk enhanced.
  5. ^^^ did you purposely post that in here? If I am going to listen to Lightning Bolt, I'll see them live. Totally different experience.
  6. Glaceau vitamin water is really good. Try the formula 50 or power-c.
  7. EastBayPowerhouse seems like the type of guy who shops at walmart.
  8. Edensoy 8th Continent Silk Pearl ... list more
  9. Oh man ... that could be a whole other thread. I'm all volvic!
  10. The mach 3 is sooooo 2004. At least get with the gillete fusion.
  11. I'm partial to Silk Enhanced soymilk - but I want to start buying my soymilk in cases and don't know which brand get. What are you favorite soymilk/ricemilk brands? I stopped drinking cows milk because it gave me tons of allergies. Cows milk makes mucus, mucus makes you congested, stuffed up, fucks up your sinus's etc. I have been a lot healthier without it.
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