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  1. Alaska's 1986 UFO sighting still rouses curiosity KTUU Channel 2 News (Alaska), November 8, 2002 Summary: Although man has walked on the moon and orbited the earth, there is still no proof that intelligent beings exist on other planets. Yet scientists believe there could be. There is even one account to suggest aliens have flown over Alaska. "Either there's something there or there isn't it," says former FAA division chief John Callahan. "Is it a spaceship or not? Why would they say it's a spaceship if it's not? The rada
  2. and by MAY 2008 we are all going to be tagged RIFD chips.
  3. -Slug, Mr. Dibbs, Brother Ali on the God loves ugly tour -Sage Francis and Mac lethal when they were promoting the non-prophets record "Hope". I reckognized mac walking down the street, followed him and when i turned the corner Sage was there on a pay phone. Really unexpected. They got me into their show VIP later by the way. Nice Guys. -I've hung out with Nick Carter from the backstreet boys a couple times. Really not as wack as most of y'all may think. He let me and my boy drive his escalade which said "carter" on the license plate I might add. I felt really cool on 22's lol
  4. Getzup


    tool, mano chao, the black keys, aesop rock, el-p, and dj shadow in one days
  5. Getzup


    yes sir and they were the shit
  6. Getzup


    ill post some pictures later
  7. Getzup


    yeah its a music and arts festival
  8. Getzup


    if you dont know what it is then you shoudlnt even be in here. lol
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