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  1. true story: my senior thesis in college was called "New Solutions for the Old Problem of Graffiti" It was about the Boston scene. Basically I advocated that all grafititi should be legal because it can't be stopped, lol. Kinda like the drug legalization arguement. I got an A on it too
  2. I think this is the right answer..
  3. distilling is illegal in this country
  4. <!--QuoteBegin-BURLAP@Mar 31 2006, 03:50 PM the favoured truth is that american intervention is "defense"..protecting democracy and all those sorts of cheery things..which in a way is sort of true, but in a completely twisted and brutal way. Quoted post By this logic, World War II was also an illegal action and wasn't in self defense. The Germans never attacked or held any of our soil. The Japanese only held a remote piece of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and we fought them across the Pacific until we obliterated two of their cities (way overkill brah). Quoted post
  5. so instead of blowing up ones cpu if the atf raided, would it be better to do that electric pulse thing and erase all the 0/1s code? cuz there basically electric charges?
  6. I used to do molly and it never made me want to rave and love everybody...basically it just made me fiend for more e
  7. how about the iraqi solders who killed 20 americans? are they heros too if they managed to save their family or their platoon? the truth is, I really have no respect for people who join the military...getting paid minunum wage to murder other people getting paid minumnum wage to kill members of the other team? bullshit... we could reduce our military by 90% and we'd still be the toughest country in the world... shit, even if we had no army we wouldn't get INVADED.. remeber our militray is for DEFENSE, not offense (at least ideally)
  8. I consider myself an alright dude until you put your paws on one of my sisters (said with a smile a real firm handshake and a nudge) And as far as getting to know eachother, traditionally, the way you go about getting married could go something like this in a muslim community. Lets say where you grow up, theres a mosque and a school. Theres boys and girls that go to both of them, so theres this girl there that you see around. You think she looks fly in her hijab, but you werent clocking her too hard because you don't want her to see you looking, but she gives you the eye every once in
  9. I am awesome boyfreind, I just never met a girl who relized that though...
  10. friday: work, then revive my "Friday night losers thread" sat: either: go hiking or get really drunk (by myself) sun: recovery, sopranos I still have no weed, so this weekend might suck
  11. kinda like knowing what someone writes, lol
  12. some skinny fucks on here.. i'm between 25.8 - 26.5 and I not fat except for my beer belly... I'm 5'11 and weigh between 185-190
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