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  1. I would suggest all the invitations and literature are carefully proof read.
  2. Captialization please "Shut up" Having your request start in a lower case keeps me from taking you seriously
  3. "Gonna" Evident of laziness..... "...and it's GOING TO be SORT OF big. About FIVE HUNDRED people. As a police officer you need to uphold not only established law, but the laws of language as well sir. Polish your badge!!!!
  4. "Hands" Unless of course you are attempting a witty and "ghetto" feel to your post In which case I stand corrected and you may carry on edit: To those that question my use of edits......the Spelling Nazi is not perfect...he too is human and occasionally makes mistakes. People are always learning from me and I always learn from myself. End transmission
  5. ^^^ You are not capitalizing words at the beginning of your sentences mr. moderator
  6. yeah its in the financial district but the website i got it from called the slideshow 10 minutes in san francisco and since that shit happens regularly in the tenderloin and not the financial district so i just went with that. Quoted post [/b] Run on sentence....disgusting
  7. Ahem "You've got to love SF" Quoted post you'll be banned before the end of the day. that's my word Quoted post [/b] I will let the non-capitalized T and Y slide this time. As a mod you maintain a standard by which the rest of your flock follows....and right now you are leading them off a cliff onto many sharp rocks.
  8. Your attempt to goad me into correcting such an obvious and laughable bait has failed sir. Being a mod does not grant you the power to lull people into a mental state of gullibility p.s. the same goes for the rest of you
  9. Didnt "Didn't" Mind your punctuation
  10. Although I cannot guarantee complete success, I will do my best to try and check people that display, at best, signs of remedial control over the English language The Spelling Nazi has spoken
  11. Ahem "You've got to love SF"
  12. I am disgusted by the bad grammar, shitty punctuation and all around rotten sentence structure around here. The Spelling Nazi has arrived and Channel Zero will never be the same again.......
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