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  1. yeah, my favorite fight...finally found it! i love how dude is all chilled out(of shape), and totally not intimidated by that beastly ass dude...you find out why within seconds. iron chin
  2. yeah, you're coming off like a name dropping idiot...relax guy.
  3. <!--QuoteBegin-guerillaeye@Apr 1 2006, 03:08 PM a bum randomly fucks up a car.. a car waiting at a red light. Quoted post :huh2:
  4. c'mon man...what the fuck is that shit? this thread rules by the way.
  5. streeeeeeeeeength....for a reason!
  6. after viewing more "bum fight" videos, i've decided that i hate whoever is behind these videos.
  7. i guess that dude is from the bumfights videos they're saying? crazy
  8. this thread made me laugh out loud
  9. nozaki


    eat shit and diet
  10. :huh2: actually, that's my favorite shit right there
  11. nozaki


    in other words, you're fatter than "normal" people...haha
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