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    https://www.facebook.com/pekka.nieminen.3/posts/10220663140117874 SMC 2019 Saw this today on face book. Some of my favorites pictured below:
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    All of his movies have merged into one movie in my mind, they were all basically the same.
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    Bode characters always add that finishing touch...
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    From the last page @Ko SprueOne u know wat u need to do...
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    I have is this one from the back door of a retail business but it's not even complete
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    This is about mentoring and learning, not copying. A very notable writer took the time to give you a sketch, so make the most of it. You're likely too young and too new to realize the opportunity you're being given by that (and other accomplished writers dropping in and providing feedback and direction), but its not a common thing. You'd be best served in terms of your own progression, as well as paying proper respect by doing that and making the most of it. This isn't the same as redrawing someone elses outline (which isn't even a bad thing or unusual) or anything like biting... He did that for you... Use it.
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    @Limeliciouzif I were you, I’d get a pad of tracing paper, print out @Joker’s outline and redraw it a bunch of times and explore new ways to connect the letters and evolve the flow of it. Get a real feel for what’s going on and experiment. Once you feel you really have it down, you can redraw it clean a final time and then practice inking it in cleanly. From that point, I’d go back in and play with various 3d’s, graphics, background clouds etc in pencil so you can further practice proportions and flow. Do all that before you break out markers and play with color.
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    Trick or Treat, character slaps this year. No candy for the kids.
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    Nostradamus (CIA) says this and that and other sht
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    I hope Tulsi doesn't commit suicide over this whole thing 😂
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    Alcohol, tobacco, asprin, caffeine legal. Cannabis and shrooms still federally schedule 1 narcotics in 2019. I don't even know wtf some of these other ones are. Isobutyl nitrate?
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    I remember seeing this DIY in the YDiP thread. Good work on that fix. When you successfully do it yourself, it's always very rewarding and builds confidence for doing more sht. This is a similar fix that was done at the beginning of this year. The shower drains were clogged but the toilets and sinks, and kitchen sink drains were fine. We tried to snake through the shower drain but it gets stuck just before the clog. I took a chance by using some general logic by looking at the vent pipe on the roof and drew an imaginary line to the street from there. Started digging next to the house on that line. I was right on point! The age of my house means it's all iron under the slab then as soon at it leaves the foundation, the pipe changes to clay all the way to the city sewer line. It was already dark that night so either I discovered the clay pipe of we found a human skull. The builders of the house just buried the main clean-out point. Why, I don't know. Cracked it open with a steel bar and now I have a main clean-out. The following pictures show how I capped it for future access.
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    I don't think I've ever posted this one. It's absolutely perfect. Crisp and clean.
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    Crazy how iv only been here since 2012 but thats already been 7 years time really flies
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    Posted this in the Your Day in Pies thread. Main drain backed up and turned out to be a crack in the drain pipe just before the septic system. $1.98 for a new elbow, $12 for a 10 ft pipe that I only needed about 10 inches from, already had the PVC glue and maybe a few minutes to cut the old joint off and glue on the new one. Stunk, but not as bad as you’d think. Digging wasn’t bad either.
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    Bode lizard in the top left creeping out from behind the L and Cheech defeated posture on the floor, legs splayed and back leaned up against the front of the E. Bode butterfly or two floating around and think this ones a wrap.
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    Benny the Butcher is doing it right. Him and Conway putting Buffalo on the map.
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    Different areas have different fight cultures, no doubt training played a factor for that first one but that doesn't really nullify my point, it's more like giving it an exclamation point. The more kids that train in an area, the more the general fight culture evolves beyond "normal" flailing of hands, and becomes more advanced. I'm sure the same holds true for kids growing up in Thailand, or Brazil, or anywhere there's a highly developed fight culture. Looking through that playlist I posted I was blown away by the skill a lot of these kids demonstrated, much more on average than your typical American street fight. Sometimes trained fighters that hit the gym, also fight on the streets unfortunately. I'm sure anywhere where boxing/kickboxing is a pervasive part of the culture, kids make the tsssst sound out of pure imitation if fighter's they look up to, not even realizing why the people they're emulating it. Usually when you start out heavy bag training some coaches want you to do it as a way to insure you're exhaling while striking. By the time you're actually competing in the ring you don't do that sound anymore, as exhaling during a strike should already be 2nd nature.
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    Update: Will get flat blk spray and then dry brush w silver or bronze color
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    Install a BSD os set up a tor proxy, block all non tor packets, If you're that paranoid about being tracked. The other solution would be to not go on the internet. I wouldn't trust any vpns to be honest.They can lie to customers and provide data to government agencies. You could also try Live Gnu/Linux OS build strictly for private browsing. link: https://tails.boum.org/
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    Someone posted these fake notices on the entrance of Barclays Center calling out the NBA.
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    Instead of one man working 8 hrs, two men working 4 hrs. Job building.
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    That graffiti tv vid was my jam back in the day.
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