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  1. I feel like I’ve seen screen shots before. Like it’s a noteworthy foreign director but no clue
  2. Rap/hip hop has been amazingly disappointing and hopeful in the past year imo my trash list: nba young boy or any ig/tiktok/world star rapper. 90% of radio rap cant stand any female rapper who is popular right now. Not trying to hate, it just is the same ole non sense. All rebranded lil Kim’s out here and all of these super conscious skater weird kid gen y/s rappers. Tyler and earl have grown on me (nh) and it’s cool to see young black kids be proud of who they are, but shit is just trash and anyone under 30 always seems to love that shit. hope list: boldy James-
  3. Not dead end but it is a two word title and I believe the vhs tape did have a road sign
  4. Another 80s flick 7B839BD6-8EAD-4DB1-ADF8-4727D1769D71.webp
  5. You got to post more than one screen shot
  6. Alright no one getting that one. It was Killing Zoe here is a soft ball- heard Jordan peele maybe remaking this. Which would honestly be kind of sweet.
  7. Ms 45 is pretty dope havent seen this one since I was kid Not sure if it holds up but I did enjoy it then
  8. It was the og famicom cart/artwork. Someone had just put a translation patch in it. Traded the game a while back, but if you want the movie I’ll send it to you lol
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