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  1. MrSirius


    I’d post my hard copies but honestly I’m worried ab them getting stolen and ending up on ig somewhere. Last time I posted old flicks they ended up everywhere and even some folks where dming me like “thanks this’ll be great for my book” Ohio is 3/4 nuts
  2. MrSirius


    It was @wes flexnerwho ran the site.
  3. MrSirius


    @dark_knight I’ve tried using the way back machine to try and snap flicks off of omnimix but it doesn’t work out too well. There is a guy in ig @shoeboxflix has a lot of good older Columbus and Cincinnati flicks
  4. MrSirius


    @One Man Banned props on those old Columbus flicks. Good to see
  5. Yeah I’m not anti gun as I said I was carrying. And if that what it comes down to, then yes, my life over theirs. Just saying a lot times these kids are just thug pussy. This took place in Ohio as well.
  6. Is it for real worth it to anyone to take someone’s life over a piece of property? I’ve owned guns...I’ve also had an attempted carjacking while carrying... I literally hopped on the car on the would be jackets lap, slammed on the breaks while his partner was punching me in the face. Threw the car in park, and the jackers said “we’re done” I could of shot both of them and been in my right, especially since one was packing. They were both maybe 16 year old black kids. There is no piece of property worth taking someone’s life over .
  7. Some of the benefits of growing up latchkey and being a lightweight home body in my older age. Lol
  8. Screamers (1995) based on the better Phillip k dick story someone else pick it up
  9. Not Mario bros but that is bob hoskins Robert deniro looks more like Mario in this movie some hints: early 80s, the director maybe more popularly known as part of a comedy troupe than director. Dystopian dark comedy, hipsters choice. Comes off as 1984 + 8 1/2 with a sprinkle of fear and loathing
  10. I know I’ve seen this but not sure if right Running man
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