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  1. Some of the benefits of growing up latchkey and being a lightweight home body in my older age. Lol
  2. Screamers (1995) based on the better Phillip k dick story someone else pick it up
  3. Weird, I was just think the other day how I miss Pirate Bay.
  4. Not Mario bros but that is bob hoskins Robert deniro looks more like Mario in this movie some hints: early 80s, the director maybe more popularly known as part of a comedy troupe than director. Dystopian dark comedy, hipsters choice. Comes off as 1984 + 8 1/2 with a sprinkle of fear and loathing
  5. I know I’ve seen this but not sure if right Running man
  6. Someone want to pick up? @where you’re disqualified bro lol
  7. Yep are you going to take your turn this time tho? Winner posts the next movie, typically
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