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  1. Yeah, well, I highly doubt you had an opinion on Chinese manufacturing until the past 4 years and regardless your purchasing prefectural have nothing to do with memes so gtfoh with that shit. YoU dUmB tWaT
  2. I come to dank memes for escapism. just saying Last off topic rant -and I mean if you’re posting from a computer or phone u must not have that big a problem with stuff from China
  3. I’m a fan of the CumTown podcast as well
  4. Also, I wonder if the reason the s was more popular in the 80s and 90s was because it was the early days of home computers, when people would make larger letters out of the characters provided on the keyboard, like old text based games and programs. The construction of larger letters using the backslash etc would’ve been an obvious go to
  5. Some people have pointed out the s in this Hans Holbein painting “The Ambassadors” from 1533
  6. “No, this is not an original Stussy Logo," stated Emmy Coates, who has worked alongside Shawn Stussy since 1985. "I personally get asked this a lot, but people have been drawing this 'S' long before Stussy was established. People have just assumed it was Stussy, and it's sort of spread from there. It's actually quite amusing." Most likely just a clever creation of some graphic designer. Could be the Suzuki s, but it’s been floating around for close to a century as far as anyone can tell. I have some of my mom’s records from the 60s and she tagged them “syndex” using the universal
  7. MrSirius


    Man, I miss the days of Flickr though lol @Mercerwhat you were saying about how Flickr, ig, fb, etc were great before being co-opted and bought out is kind of how I feel about most cultures etc in general. We all start out with something different that goes against some norm, but when the second to become a part of the norm is available people just sell out immediately. And with no regard to their original intentions.
  8. The original amityville horror and the shining terrified the shit outta me as a kid. This scene from “summer school” scared the shit out of me when I first saw it as a child channel surfing on old cable. I’ve never seen the full movie (it’s a comedy and a bad one from what I can tell) but this scene was all I saw and was completely without context or a frame of reference when I saw it. It looked like bill and Ted massacred their classmates. It was this year I found said movie and scene after years of wondering what it was from.
  9. I’m about 8 credit hours shy of an AA. I’ve been doing general construction for about 5 years now and my focus has turned to me going forward perusing a certification as an electrician. I enjoy it but I don’t feel too challenged or that I’m using my mind enough. I tried helping a Friend run a gallery/event space but he got too jaded on it and our ideas about where we wanted to take it weren’t compatible. He owns and lives in the space still, but has given up on doing anything outside the occasional graffiti jam. Until my late 20s I had been making $ via various hustles (legit and otherwise) an
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