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  1. I haven’t had a microwave for 7 years. Only thing I miss it for is popcorn.
  2. Yepp your up @LUGRi believe it’s on Amazon. It’s pretty dope. I’m surprised more people don’t know about it.
  3. couldn’t find a lot of good screenshots online for this. I’ll try to find some more telling ones if I can
  4. That’s it your turn kind of surprised anyone guessed it
  5. Ok guys, the rules from page 1. Please follow
  6. @Dark_Knightcorrect sir. I ran a checkpoint for an alley cat race Sunday. Had me thinking ab that flick. @NightmareOnElmStreetive seen most of those flicks and enjoy them. I like Buffalo 66 for the most part, and enjoyed it when I first saw it. Just over the years as I’ve rewatched, I don’t really enjoy it as much. Can’t believe is gained such a response from people on here lol people love Gallo though
  7. @mr.yuckyeah it’s painfully pointless and gallo’s acting is insufferable.
  8. MrSirius


    I’d post my hard copies but honestly I’m worried ab them getting stolen and ending up on ig somewhere. Last time I posted old flicks they ended up everywhere and even some folks where dming me like “thanks this’ll be great for my book” Ohio is 3/4 nuts
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