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  1. Someone want to pick up? @where you’re disqualified bro lol
  2. Yep are you going to take your turn this time tho? Winner posts the next movie, typically
  3. Want to keep it moving my fav from this director
  4. Edit to post above- og city of angels was German “wings of desire”
  5. The original, French made city of angels is super dope recent, watched this the other night for the first time.
  6. Looks familiar...is it about a kid traveling cross country trying to get to get different tickets for a prize?
  7. Family summer movie staple, mandatory for Great Lakes adjacent Midwesterners with creepy twins that make the girls from shining look normal 52E82A34-C708-4F77-BED1-8F7C5C82E12E.webp
  8. Honestly very surprised no one knew that someone else can go though
  9. Not trying to rag on y’all or get into some deep philosophical/political discussion, and I do agree that our country has a lot of people who have succumb and tried to fight against this system that we all blindly buy into, even killdozer-just some food for thought-but this is the type of stuff that keeps people from coming back to 12oz. Turner diary and ruby ridge vibes. need more graffiti and activity on that side. This is just turning people away
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