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  1. No excuses here just calling it like i see it. This is a whole different argument in itself and really it can go both ways all big crews make there mistakes and have dropouts. But really it all depends who you are comparing them to, for it to really become a valid argument. Who in SJ has held it down in the streets since 86 or 88 whenever they started. Who in the whole bay area has held it down that long. You have to have a bar to compare them too, you cant just throw random shit out there and say they havent been doing work. I can name a handful of Lords that have been around for a long time and have had there days and comebacks but really your trying to throw stones at one Crew. Let me know who and what crew has been in the streets in SJ or the Bay as long as them? Then we can debate. Believe me this crew is far from perfect and has made some serious mistakes and isnt the #1 crew in the world but i havnt heard anyone in here say anything about those things. You just seem bitter for some reason like these arrogant assholes dissed you in some way.
  2. Ill put in laymen s terms. You cant gamble when you got nothing to gamble with. You have to have something to risk for someone to take your bet. Lords got spots to risk. Roten go get your spots put in some real work then lets see you try to protect at the same time Diss. Not going to happen. Its a suckers bet to bet someone that brings nothing to the table.
  3. We all got our opinions and i hear what your saying, but like i said part of this problem is Lords and all the SJ cats didnt school this next generation on the rules of the game. Lords didnt make these rules these are rules that have been passed down from writer to writer for decades. Most of the SJ cats have learned the hard way or just make up there own rules there is no real community in SJ with the writers. All the OG cats dont fuck with the young cats, and it fucks everything all up in the longrun. Most the Og cats dont even hit SJ but hit East bay and SF hard. SJ is a waste of time in most writers opinion cause all the kids running wild. Then the cats that do still hit SJ like Lords and have held down spots on freeways for a minute get capped and all of a sudden there suppose to jump. If you notice all the Lords spots are not chill they make it worth it put dope pieces or atleast 2 colors on freeway spots. They make the shit worth it to get up and hit spots that run. Seasoned veteran bombing 101. And Bombing R10 isnt a Bombing crew just tagging crew really if you want to just tag and do hollows. Bombing involves everthing tags, throws, hollows, pieces all of it. One piece in a legit spot is worth 10 hollows on random spots. This wouldnt even be a battle you could judge cause these crews are on 2 different levels of bombing. Im not even talking about piecing cause we all know R10 couldnt step to that game. Lords r10 battle is worthless you cant judge this in any way until R10 wants to start hitting pieces and blocks filled on freeways. But they wont they want the easy fame thats whey they diss. They got nothing worth the Lords dissing either, its a one way battle Lords is an easy target cause they got spots. If r10 had spots that they had to protect they wouldnt be out dissing everyone. You kids need to pay attention to all this. Graffiti 101.
  4. Had to Fix that it was on there wrong. I dont Rep Lords but i do know my Bay Area Graf history and been around the Block long enough to know whats what. So Roten R10 whatever you call yourselves. Good for you keep coming in a Lords thread and trying to suck fame out of a Crew that put in work on freeway spots that you call sidebusting. Lords were on those spots when you were more than likely in diapers. Freeway spots in the 80's 90's 2000's and Now. They got more paint under the buff than any SJ Crew. So you can diss all you want but like i said you cant rewrite history. You can try to get fame by dissing but like i said besides 12 yr old kids no body cares in the Graff game. Your crew has no respect and if you actually were worthy of a battle or anything crews would actually try to put in work. As a Graff Writer than appreciates Real Shit i Hope you are here to stay, I hope you work out your issues you have as a crew maybe you find your father or mother who left you as kids. You got issues and trying to diss to get fame is played Your no Cap. Wantabe blood wars? Shit you couldnt hold a flame to any of this crews legacy. Or any of the cats you been dissing the last 5 years. Everyone knows this except you. Knuckle up in what streets you hide like sewer rats in deep corners, you dont make it out to shows where writers be at you dont be anywhere a writer will be at. So dont know why you would even talk like you bout anything except capping some shit with some hollows and tags. Your game is played reinvent yourself step up your diss game come correct and gain some respect. Your whole crew is a graffiti crew dropout, you cant even abide by any of the codes of graf. Burn over what you go over burners over fills over throws over hollows over tags. And if you want to throw a hollow over a piece then you need to attempt to handle your beef. That doesnt involve running and hiding. Beef shouldn't last too long cause usually people handle it. You aint handling shit, you hiding. So keep hiding and i hope you prove me wrong in the 2011. I hope this is the year you guys become a legit force. SJ needs more crews with heart. You guys are a crew with Balls but No heart. Big difference Homey.
  5. The thing is SB is good at dissing but poor at handling beef, he can bomb and has put in work as much as anyone in the game yet he has no respect period. Not even on any level, he stays running and you cant run forever, he has and will get his from Lords if he wants to take that route. He is like that lil retarded kid that everyone knows is retarded and pays no attention he gets no Love. He could diss all the Lords shit it wouldnt gain him any more fame, and Lords wouldnt be hurt by it in the least. Its just SB being SB. So really its meaningless when He does anything he has burnt out his 15 minutes of Fame. If SB came and did some dope pieces over there shit or some huge blocks over there shit or shit if he just showed up to handle his beef. Then maybe then that would be something to talk about. But him or R10 dissing anyone just another day really.
  6. The Problem is Crews like R10 can never be compared to Lords until another 10 years in the game and if they step up there game Hollows and tags aint going to cut it. All these SJ Crews lost there history and alot is Lords fault cause they got older and forgot to school the next generation so Im not mad at the youngsters for trying to take the crown. But Really till you guys are hitting the freeways with style and doing 2 color fills, 3-5 color pieces on spots then you are just going to stay in the minor leagues funking with each other and ending up tagbanging and in jail or just banging in general. So Really This Lords Beef isnt any Beef at all If I know Lords they will fix there spots with Better shit than some toy Diss and Hollows. R10 and whoever else wants to diss for fame will fade away. In 5 years while you youngsters are in jail for busting some hollow in a spot that is going to get buffed regardless you aint even going to be part of SJ history. So if you really want to be a writer pay attention to what these cats are doing and stop hating. Also this Doper shit getting Jumped 2 things. One Doper smashed on Royal JBF straight up everyone saw it period end of story. The Jumping shit is part of the game you expect that when you smash on someone, and if they werent prepared and didnt handle business when it went down or hesitated and punked out then Im sure it will be handled as it should internally as a crew. I dont know the facts But its pretty obvious thats whats going down as they arent wasting there time responding to these toys comments in here. Also If i were Lords i wouldnt be worried about R10 i think FTL and MQ are more of a threat if they dont squash that beef. So children in ending respect history you cant rewrite the last 2 decades of this crews history in one month. Also if you want a history and a crown respect the game and put in work there is no easy way to the top and dissing for fame is weakness.
  7. First Off Im down with Lords in In This Crew But i always call out Ignorance to Kids that Talk shit but dont know Shit. So First off the "Lords arent Bombers" Shit your talking You need to come correct cause 2 decades strong with hitting spots. Because they also do legals dont get it twisted. Most crews cant do both this is one of them that can. Proof.
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