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Text offering hash mistakenly goes to grandson of trooper

By Mike Johnson of the Journal Sentinel


Dec. 6, 2010 |


If you're a drug dealer using a text message to ply your goods, it might be a good idea to double-check the phone number before hitting the "send" button.


A 19-year-old Muskego man was arrested Sunday night after a 10-year-old boy got a wrong-number text message asking, "You want to buy some hash?"


Turns out that the boy's grandfather is a Wisconsin state trooper and the youth was at granddad's home when the 6 p.m. text message arrived.


The boy didn't know what the strange message meant. But when his grandfather saw it, he called colleague Sgt. Nate Clarke, who set in motion a plan to bust the sender. Clarke and other on-duty troopers then sent a message back to the alleged dealer saying, "Yes we would" and then arranged through other text messages the amount of hash and where to meet the man to make the deal, Clarke said.


Clarke said his team arranged to buy 5 grams of hash at $15 a gram.


The man arrived at a specified Muskego-area location and left when nobody showed up for the 10 p.m. buy, Clarke said.


Troopers followed the man to his residence and arrested him, Clarke said.


The man's vehicle and residence were searched, Clarke said. Troopers found a baggie in the vehicle containing 5 grams of hash. The searches also turned up drug paraphernalia believed used to smoke marijuana and a prescription bottle with 1.5 grams of hash, Clarke said.


The case has been referred to the Waukesha County district attorney's office. Charges of felony possession with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia are being sought, Clarke said.


"He basically misdialed the number. He thought he was dialing a number of an associate of his that he knows likes to smoke marijuana and hash....I guess, drug dealers beware. You never know who you're texting," Clarke said.

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the fbi must have recruited this ten year old boy for this sting, supplied him with a cellphone and then successfully took down a huge hash baron.

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I'd like some shredded potatoes that have been fried till they're a little crispy, mmmmmm mmmm mm

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Were im at hash is a big thing....oh and sheboygan is the last place left to get that legal fake weed junk fyi.

Holler at rebecca who works at private pleasues and ask for the gladiator..it makes her giggle

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