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  1. first of all it has been a while ch0 i suppose i been takin a break from the oontz, but if im gonna start browsing again i might as well share something i came across 111 gigapixel photo.. what http://www.sevilla111.com/default_en.htm Now lets zoom in You can see all kinds of shit in the picture. People chillin out. Lots of d0pe GrAfF l3tTerZ br0. enjoy
  2. that bitch looks like a character from sonic the hedgehog
  3. nice guns, and lack of trigger discipline. lol
  4. Alex Jones goes on the VIEW to talk about charlie sheen. Pretty hilarious http://mediamatters.org/blog/201102280020
  5. How has this not been posted yet? http://niccageaseveryone.blogspot.com/
  6. Re: For fans of Man Man, The Unicorns, Islands, Modest Mouse, MICHAEL CERA, and MISFITS CO
  7. My boy lived in Glasgow for like a year. He Got into like 10 fights, won just about all of them. The most memorable, some kid in school gave him the old scottish kiss ( headbutt) and chipped his tooth. So my boy lays the kid the fuck out in front of his girl and everyone, and ever since then the whole school hated him wanted to fight him / were scared of him. He tried to wear his USMC shirt as frequent as possibleHe said they were all pussies. Although these were highschool kids we are talking about. He didnt fuck with any of the more hard core chavs, although he said he did see them around, and noted that they looked like a bunch of faggots.
  8. sooner or later though someone might SCHRECK his PANZER thats why you roll through in this baby seeking family raping child eating mobile
  10. My boys around the projects have a pretty legit nick connect. Not that shitty dirt weed, but not good weed at all either. Its like some alright mids. Not dry, just not really potent.
  11. yeah what everyone else said. You chillin at the wrong ( or maybe right) projects.
  12. I stay away from emotional shit like a black person stays away from mayo. DO NOT WANT.
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