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  1. nnms

    Animal names?

    cat dog lion elephant crocodile deer bear giraffe squirrel moose horse cow pig
  2. anyones got that article without a snitch tag over it so we can read?
  3. Believe me. You ain't. Matter a fact, the majority of writers probably feel the exact same way, in silence if not out loud.
  4. stolen from another thread, but well worth starting a new one for specifically those statements.
  5. I only want a 12oz shirt if cope2 touched it.
  6. mouahahahahaha what a gay fucktard should also be added to the "cope2 pointing at things" blog
  7. where to start.... looks like a backpack you'd buy at Sketchers or some shit :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. lol This bitches cunt be like a heroin dispensing machine! put a quarter in, get a bag. hell even if you short 3 pennies and only got 22 cents, we can work something out...
  9. Alight imma say what everyone is already thinkin but is afraid to admit Blade has NO STYLE. he's a TOY. If a kid was to do shit like that today, he would get laughed at all day Aight, granted, he got up and shit. He did his thing. But his thing was toy He never had any idea of how to rock dope letter structure He never got better sloppy shit all city son this guy is like the Lil Wayne of the graff game : got fame for having zero talent real talk
  10. nice one. I would definitely change those grips though... my first was also a .45. So was my second. have you put a couple down the pipe yet?
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