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  1. It's fucking snowing. Nonsense.
  2. Rolled a hooter, drank a 40. Gunna take BASED DOG for a good 5 mile-ish walk and smoke aforementioned hooter.
  3. 40 Of mickeys. Reminds me of middle school...
  4. Jesus Christ!!! I have 14 pages to catch up on... Fucking real life getting in the way of the 0Ontz
  5. Hating moving right now. Uhaul Friday, friends truck Saturday. Smoking my last bowl, won't be getting more until Saturday night. Half a pint of vodka, again, won't be getting more until Saturday night. Blew the fuse in my speakers, no music until Saturday night unless I use headphones. Stoked about getting my new dog on Saturday. Female pit/lab mix, all black except for white feet and a few white markings on the face. Saturday will be awesome. Too bad I have to bust my ass all day before the good times roll.
  6. Feels like a brick in my stomach.
  7. I think this was posted in here. I forgot about this movie, it was made the year I was born. I watched it all the time growing up. P.S. The first time I watched Clockwork Orange I was on acid. Bad... bad bad bad idea.
  8. I got high as fuck, took a nap, woke up and thought it was 10 A.M. I hate that shit. Now I'm eating tomato basil bisque and watching Chopped.
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