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  1. this is what i own since 3 years ok its an imitation, but i still love it
  2. Joyeux Noel 1997 by Maink. Classic.
  3. cakes seems like a imaginative and prolific writer with many walls and trains but i just dont like his letters and style. i mean, i respect the guy, its not a diss or anything.. just my opinion.. but man his letters arent great at all
  4. i was doing this in my last class... style chelou mais fonky big papa zaik
  5. a little quick sketch for kestamonnaie! wesh wesh
  7. too good to be true seems like a scam
  8. not guilty2 trailer
  9. Edika

    Cartoon Riot.

    seems that google image is censoring the muslim conflict. i tried prophet cartoons, mohamet caricatures prophet caricatures danmark,ect.... it never shows any images!
  10. these groups are not similar at all. The Zapatistas ( EZLN) from MExico is quiet pacific compared to the other groups. It has nothing to do with terrorism and religious extremists.They never fought (beside one rebellion in early 90s) or made any terrorist attacks. They represent ( at least thats what they say) the cultural resistance of the poor Maya indians vs the mondialisation, capitalism, Mexican power tryng to erase them etc.... So they have a pretty good image in the left wing population and that kind of groups....
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