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  1. These dudes are on their own dicks. Virgin Galactic? Getting a little bit ahead of yourselves. Why not go with Virgin Orbital for now, and save galactic for when you have a space ship that can leave the front yard..
  2. im gonna buy it, then go weld it somewhere and be just like revs. then write a fucked up diary and go into the tunnels. yeah, i can see it now...
  3. are you kidding? that space ship looks like a tin can piece of shit fuck. I'd never spend a shit load of money to get launched into space in that thing. I bet re-entry in that thing sucks major balls. I'll trust trips to space in about 10 years or so. I bet its only a matter of time untill something goes horribly wrong with one of these things.
  4. no, over there rape and murder is just plain old rape and murder.
  5. i wonder if they have homo dungeons and mechanically separated chicken. And do they have dog whales? so many questions to ask.
  7. that swap ass reference up there. just to be clear there are 2 kinds, right? swamp ass, which is mostly sweat and then mud butt, which is contained shart, or 'taco butt'
  8. i have a bump on each of my thumbs
  9. Re: Android iPad... the aPad... half the price of iPad... better? what if you have giant fingers and need a really big touch screen. HUH????
  10. fuckin the gremlins is more realistic than this crap
  11. saw the first episode, shit was dope. and my cousin spent mad time building the set for most of the show. Its in sheepshead bay
  12. that dexter .gif paired with the flute music is awesome. that is all
  13. my choices would be: a big thing of kerosene or gasoline or any flammable liquid, a metal garbage can lid to use as a shield, and a machete Then i would light the wood section of the store on fire with the kerosene, and dump the rest all over the place. While the store is burning down i run around with my shield and machete to go die a warriors death
  14. if i had that face i would get all sorts of crazy fucking tattoos both on and under it. Im not sure which would be funnier
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