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  1. You left the van open and he's trying to play it off like he doesn't have aspergers
  2. An uncle of mine recently offered to fully invest and allow me to run a small hookah joint. For an unemployed 24 year old this shit is a miracle in the lap. I'm sure there are alotta factors involved: Location, advertising, licences? shisha & food suppliers etc... I'm just not really sure where to start. Have any of you had any experience managing your own restaurant? Or advice on opening up a service industry business? If you partake in smoking, is there something you'd like to see or haven't seen before? And yes of course my Ch.0 heads will get the hookah-p (aha!) when coming thru, at a goddamn reasonable amount nigga! I'm bout dat cash! *edit* Anyone willing to spare a canvas or mini-art lying around I'd be down to post it up and give your info/sell on your behalf for helping. pm if interested For the record 'an hookah' is a joke (humor, LOL)... Chill grammar 5-0... bouncingtitsimagefromtumblr.gif
  3. El Bumpo just cuz I saw a few of them tonight. SHOUTOUT ELFSPANICS. ODALE GUEY. (I SEE YOU BRAH.)
  4. mY drunk enly intial reaction was and is and will foever be w WHAT THE FUCK YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ASSHOLE BABY. I HOPE THEY FUCK YOU AMBER ALLERT FAGGOT
  5. Word me too man. I lost my job and started doing alot more unproductive pot smoking and illicit drugs.... KEEP GOING tho man. Stay on the course the cuz goal comes with obstacles and setbacks. You got twitter? It's a huge convenient comedy outlet for me and I think a lot more "modern/coming up" comics should embrace it
  6. This thread has made me realize I'm border lining a fetish for odd looking girls and chicks with the lip thing.... Rosamund Hanson.. Her in that HBO show Life's Too Short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUaX-X1TLD8
  7. Whoa... Some of you motherfuckers are talking like grown ups..... Hey now
  8. A more important thread would be "Wat yo twitter is?" But niggas act like they big time felons n don't wanna post tho #youknowyouparttime
  9. THAT LIL NIGGA KID IS TOOOOOO COOL! Like fuck if you weren't screaming or trying to form a ball of light between your fucking hands in early 2000s you're either too old, too young or fuck you you fucking fuck. Shit. I almost believed he could do it. I'M ABOUT DROP A COUPLE SENZU BEANS AND ROLLS BALLS. FUCK YA'LL
  10. Hahahahhhahhah Perfect post for this thread. That's not even a real crowd in that video MAD HIP HOP YO /RAP LETTERS
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