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  1. I first met Chance "Batle" when I lived in Orange County in 2008 around the music venue Chain Reaction where he had painted a piece next to all the HOF guys. I was pasting up posters all over the city and somehow or other Batle got my number and we painted tunnels often after that. This guy would text me pictures of women's butts and vaginas with his thick deco marker paint pieces all over them, sometimes 3 or 4 pictures a day, always asking if i knew any slutty women. He was not a saint and was definitely a rascal. We painted some big tunnels under Anaheim with 2much REM about 2 miles undergr
  2. hello every1...here are some flicks i took..
  3. i've got orfn stickers if any1 wants some hmu
  4. dear self, wtf how does someone even post 35,000 times
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