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  1. Apparently its the first time this combo happened in 500 years. i shall be watching.
  2. usually they are edited like that for a reason, such as graphic footage of someone killing themselves. but i too would like to see that footage.
  3. if someone was OPERATOR enough, they could have thrown that hot coffee on him, beat his face with something and take the gun from him.
  4. Didn't he know that schools are gun free zones? Some people these days
  5. Go watch this shit if you already haven't seen it. Its like a refined version of the office. Its made by the same people anyway, its practically the same show. Yet its still fucking hilarious, partly because Aziz Ansari is in it. Im not putting up pictures or some shit but heres a link to go watch it http://www.tvduck.com/Parks-and-Recreation.html
  6. Could probably use some cleaning up
  7. Git off my lawn taken to a new level
  8. real invisibilty is going to pop up when we can manufacture better meta-materials. we can already make something almost completely invisible to red light. It works by using a material that does not reflect or absorb the specific wavelengths of light, so they just go around the object like its not there.
  9. where you at rocinhajj?? i dont really know the story very well, but apparently the Brazilians decided to have a new unit of peaceful police to go and negotiate with all the drug dealers and such in the favelas, and you can probably picture how that ended, those police got fucked up. So now BOPE is getting support from the marines, and rolling through favelas pwning the shit out of drug dealers. video of some sniper killing a drug dealer http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f7a_1276002466 aaand flicks more flicks here http://g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/fotos/2010/11/veja-fotos-dos-carros-incendiados-no-rio.html FUCK title is supposed to say shit got real in brazil
  10. http://noblasters.com/post/1650102322/my-tsa-encounter long read but worth it. dude makes it through with out getting patted down or scanned.
  11. wow i realized it was dolls at the third picture. good thing i didnt whip out the weiner
  12. Re: Great Pictures~ fuck the gills, ill take the eyes and visual system of that fuckin arthropod.
  13. This. If NK did decide to zerg rush seoul the south would be wrecked, but then other nations would bomb the fuck out of the north.
  14. North Korea better hope it goes that way also
  15. oh the lulz and the bed intruder song just because
  16. wow whats the story on that one? Is that a galil in 5.56?
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