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  1. stoopit

    racking trip thread

    first rule of fightclub........
  2. stoopit

    Shrimp Boating

    and franks red hot
  3. stoopit

    Has Punk/Heavy Metal ruined graffiti's 'style'?

    This makes me laugh, you all know modern day graffiti pre dates the hip hop movment. When they were painting trains in the 70's hip hop wasn't widley recorded and most writers listened to funk/rocknroll/metal and some were even punks. The writers and cholos on the west coast bumped oldies from the 40's and 50's and electro. Graffiti got put in with hip hop beacause artists were doing the fliers for all the jams. Case Closed!
  4. stoopit

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    tarp surfing
  5. stoopit

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    fmx front flip thingy gnar gnar
  6. stoopit


  7. stoopit

    UFC & MMA thread

    Twisters and knee bars will usualy make you submit verbally first before remembering to tap, they are so fast and sharp that you forget to tap. You just scream.
  8. stoopit

    UFC & MMA thread

    Correct, as much as I despise him he is a very shrewd buisness man.
  9. stoopit

    UFC & MMA thread

    this title fight i will watch......wont be long now.
  10. stoopit

    the most dirty, sketchy, grimey people/situations