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  1. Ripboris, luckily i hve the pass to his snapfish acct
  2. A homie was talkn to me abt the life or death situation when you only hve a knife, i never rly thought abt it but good thing he told me bcuz i prob would hve reacted the exact way he said would be the worst way. On a side note this dumbass i used to knw pulld a butterfly knife on me in a bar bathroom a bit after i left him slide on 'accidently' punching me like right whn i walked into the bar. He was tryna to do tht stupid fancy twisty sht n didnt know wht he was doing, i could hve killd him with his own knife while choking him out. His friend walkd in n watched this happening i told him dnt try sht, he turned arnd n walked out the bathroom, good friend ahahaha. Then again im not tryna stab someone idiot i grew up with, like he thought he was gonna do to me. Dnt b tht dumbass who pulls a knife n doesnt use it, you look like a faggot
  3. Do you know how many illegal immigrants use ebt?
  4. I collect tax free checks while on tht gov money. Bummer yall payn for my food but ill take advantage of the system while i can ...at least im workn. BTW fuck walmart n payn for your paint
  5. Tearing every abandon structure dwn in Detroit? :lol:
  6. Bitches making facebooks for their pets n actually having birthdays w/invites...smh
  7. I went to high school with Devin...and summer school dude was actually pretty funny
  8. Tht trip sounds like the exact opposite of what i would want to do if i ever visited Michigan. N if youre n birmingham/the hills its hard to say anything abt detroit tht could be accurate, as when they leave it becomes Im from/went to detroit.
  9. I like tht noun following the adjective
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