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Everything posted by TONY MAYO

  1. Coworkers who constantly talk about their dietary habits. Nobody gives a shit you gluten-free paleo fasting ass keto motherfuckers.
  2. You're a vegetable everybody hates except vegans who do crossfit and beer yoga.
  3. dafuq is up wit u tidepod eating mafkz?
  4. Thongs? A multitude of thongs? At once?
  5. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbBzxyfwumSoG02S4DknCTxi3kkCPpq
  6. It it because you are starting to realize your own mortality.
  7. @ IR This is a fillet of a young pig. Not the entire young pig, just a piece.
  8. Piglet = Young Ass Pig aka Lil' Pigg aka Piggie Smalls Bought it frozen at a food market from the farmer who slaughtered, cut and froze the meat at his farm just days before. Very tender, very tasty. Got me some bacon too, it's waiting in the freezer :D
  9. Pan seared, oven baked fillet of piglet with roast peppers/sun dried tomatoes tagliatelle.
  10. Walter Mitty sucked the d. Know some people in that movie tho. Been watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHXXskFGhN0
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