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  1. Never gotten bit or had a tick on me that I know of. Kinda surprising cus I'm constantly in the woods, hiking/fishing...although typically I'm covered up, besides my face/arms. Definitely give myself a quick check though after every trip
  2. New Acid King is so good...the A side is perfect.
  3. Nothing like breaking the ice with naming your favorite porn stars... Porn was awesome when i was like 15, ten years later it's turned into a chore to find anything that doesn't just bore me.
  4. That's the kit. Yes, i have seen a couple videos of the salt technique which is what i was planning to attempt buuuuut im a bit nervous, i don't wanna fuck it up too bad. Hairspray technique I'm not very familiar with, I know I've looked it up but I'll get a refresher before I even attempt salt chipping. I'll try to get some progress pics. Funny thing about doing all the body work/painting is I kinda forget I still have to build the thing.
  5. KO, thanks for the tip. I ended up getting a different compressor for way cheaper. Haven't been able to use it, because now I need to find the right adapter for the Paasche airbrush to hook into the compressor. In the meantime, I picked up a Revell '77 GMC pickup plow truck kit and started with some body work using a Dremel tool (which are awesome by the way) adding in some layers/small holes for rust. I've never attempted weathering/rust but so far I think the body work looks decent, it's not too hard getting nice rusty looking layers in the plastic. I figure the harder part will be proper painting.
  6. Bought a Paasche airbrush the other day. I have never airbrushed anything in my life, but I work with regular sized spray guns at my job so it's basically the same parts, just way smaller. However, I've already lost a spring that goes inside of it, so i need to get a replacement. needless to say, it's been stressing me out a little bit. That, and the compressor I bought seems to be garbage and will be returned. Rather than keeping a constant PSI, the gauge shows it top out around 45 psi, and as soon as you get on the airbrush trigger it just dies down to about 10. I have never used these small compressors, but I assume this isn't a normal or ideal thing to have happen. A good compressor should maintain the psi you set it at, no? Anyway, bought that shit from Hobby Lobby so no wonder it's garbage. At least they have an okay return policy. Any suggestions on a good air source? My plan was to return it and head over to a different local hobby shop that has some pretty legit looking small compressors, but I'll end up paying 100-150 bucks more for one than the one from Hobby Lobby. I guess if it serves it's purpose then it's worth it. Also, how much do you guys airbrush instead of just spray or brush painting?
  7. I developed some pretty bad prank habits at my last job. I guess it's what happens when you get bored working a job for so long. I constantly altered people's applications before my boss would read them, or just filled out fake ones to fuck with him. It was just too easy to mess with this guy and the reaction was usually pretty worth it. One customer left a note to one of the girls I worked with regarding something not weird at all, and I extended the note with some straight up creepy shit, leaving a fake phone number and whatever inviting her over. keep in mind it's from a dude who's a regular but nobody likes him much, in his 50's, to a chick who was about 19. My boss sees the note and is furious. Next day the dude comes in and my boss just explodes on him, telling him to get out and to never come back, that he's a fuckin creep and blah blah blah. All for my own sick jollies i guess.
  8. Mr. Incognito

    I'M DRY

    I found some stuff at Home Depot last year called working hands or something. It's in a round canister, it was like 8 bucks but it has no scent and works pretty good, and i guess because you find it at a hardware store it makes you feel less pussy.
  9. Haven't visited this thread in a long time, glad to see you still killing it KO. Seeing the stuff you build is motivating. With winter around the corner, I keep thinking of picking up a new kit. Been contemplating a 70's Chevy van kit of some sort, I figure that would make for a fun paint job. Also, I really hope some day someone makes a BRUBAKER BOX model kit, if they haven't already (I've never seen one)
  10. He sounded like a cool guy, even judging from those few words. It's something, when reading words of someone you'll never know can stir up some heavy feelings. Thanks for making me think, Jerry. Rest easy
  11. Watched this the other night. Starts out a bit slow but gets dark as fuck.
  12. Currently playing. Just came out on vinyl for the first time ever, good shit.
  13. there will always be the "cool guy" graffiti writers, and i think it's typically those same people who get off on the idea of it being art. art fags....what can ya do?
  14. a homie of mine has been getting into lifting, and he's always been kind of a fat dude, especially within the past couple years. He is slimming down for sure, through dieting and getting to the gym but he's still in that beginner lifting phase where he doesn't really know what the fuck he's doing. He gets way too stoked on wrist curls and useless bullshit like that, at least for a beginner. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with him at his gym to run him through some basic exercises and show him form and what not. I haven't been to the gym consistently in months, not to mention even stepped foot in my gym in over a month now, so I feel pretty outta practice. But, I feel like i gotta show him the ropes. hopefully this will get me into the swing of things again.
  15. The idea that the increase of minimum wage having no affect on anything else other than establishing a more "livable wage" is funny. i was once told "some people are just comfortable making minimum wage" as in having no desire to better their employment. Are those the same people that want it raised, or the same people who hate working?
  16. YOB has finished recording a new album, not sure when it's coming out though. such a heavy band...
  17. RIP Defeatist...They've been done for a while but still one of the tightest grind bands I've seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbdCLKTdKLE Also Inquisition's newest album has been on my constant playlist since it came out
  18. mine went towards repairing some outdoor underground plumbing...AWESOME.
  19. Got a taco bell breakfast waffle taco today, it was alright. Kinda smaller than i thought it would be. The stuffed tortilla thing my girlfriend got was better. Oh and they "don't have ketchup" which pissed off some old guy there. Thought it was funny then realized it is pretty stupid if they are serving hash browns. All in all pretty good, but we waited like 15 minutes for the shit
  20. I found all of these at a bargain outlet for 2 bucks apiece a few years ago...All but the SMITH one.
  21. I'd say concealed carrying can hold a pretty heavy element of surprise. I'm not the most vocal gun owner, and would consider myself to be pretty rational, but maybe because I don't freak out at any little anti gun rhetoric. I support the NRA for the most part, but I'm not out protesting and filling NY politician offices with mail. The idea of posting this sign on your bar (in the south nonetheless) is funny to me. And the guy back pedals in that "oh no im cool man im cool im a gun owner" kind of way that just makes it even funnier. I doubt his business would fail because of bullshit Yelp reviews, but I do think the backlash can be enough to drive this guy insane. It's a college town though so the majority of his business just comes from college kids anyway.
  22. http://iacknowledge.net/small-south-carolina-bar-bans-guns-inside-gun-nuts-across-nation-have-collective-meltdown/ http://bearingarms.com/clemson-pub-bashes-concealed-carry-permit-holders-with-predictable-results/ Thoughts? In my opinion it's a pretty stupid business move, and another reason as to why mixing political views with your business is just kind of a bad idea. I feel like the owner has got to feel like a dumbass now since he's made other apologies apparently. To be clear, I'm a pistol permit holder and carry all the time. It's about as normal for me as having my cellphone or wallet on me. I'm not much of a drinker, so when I go to bars I do not feel "wrong" about having it on me. It's also not against the law in NY surprisingly but I'm not down with the idea of people being armed and getting shit faced. Either way I think it's funny on both sides of this situation. Gun owner's freaking out going crazy on yelp and this bar owner probably being scared to go to work now.
  23. Drake the type of nigga to fart in the toilet then flush
  24. This debate went on entirely too long. I think Nye destroyed the Creationist argument in about 30 seconds.
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