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  1. when i saw this i was nearly 100% sure perts did it. someone tell me im not crazy.
  2. just send me the link via pm if you choose to use anything. pretty much honored if you use any of those scribes. been a long time since I really did much. tryna keep this forum alive/I enjoyed doing this probably more than you enjoyed seeing it. stay up. -sW
  3. I give props to earl. banned kids who needed to be banned when this forum wasn't completely dead as shit yet. /free earl
  4. i mean this with about as much respect as i can possibly muster in an online forum... but the way you constantly talk about "crushing pussy" over the internet in every second thread leads me to believe you haven't gotten any in at least 6 months, maybe closer to a year. im probably being generous. im also pretty sure youre a wigger that goes to a community college. carry on :lol:
  5. sayWORD?


    I can relate to this. fully. SM check your mail.
  6. im not sure if I gotta check my manhood at the door for this one... a couple relationships ago, a girl aborted and that shit fucked with my mental a little (a lot). its not the first time this has happened, but it felt way different this last time. it wont happen again I assure you. -wearingacondom/maybereadytobeadadoner.
  7. ^^its this type of thinking that is the reason why so many kids are fucked up these days. parents feeling that theyre getting cheated outta living their own lives, and parents who are so outta touch with the current reality that they feel the need to "pass the torch" to their kids in a present lifestyle that they don't truly understand and cant even adapt their way of thinking towards. the best decision I ever made was to stick with my girl. shes gorgeous and she doesn't put up with my shit. that is all.
  8. sayWORD?


    haven't posted in a while. its funny how seriously giving up on something like alcohol results in giving up on so much more. I suppose its like quitting any other addiction. id be lying if I said I felt anything less than alone at the present moment. and that's with a loving, supportive, sober girlfriend, and a family who has stood by me through thick and thin, and some goodass friends. I use the term some loosely. I guess that's what 10+ years of alcohol dependency does for you. you cant see the forest for the trees, until everything is cut down. lost a lot of "friends" getting sober. just becoming apparent to me. its been the better part of a year and im kinda at a paradox. the sad thing is, living this way for so long, you develop a lifestyle. that lifestyle becomes comfortable. then that lifestyle becomes unappealing. and then youre faced with the terrible realization that you've wasted so much time. on people. on things, on a life you cant quite understand when youre not fucked up. I cant smoke weed anymore. for some reason the paranoia is too much these days. maybe its my anxiety issues kicking in. I really don't know. im almost 30 and I feel like im having an early midlife crisis. only because im finally me again but I don't quite know how to be me anymore. I really feel like theres nothing left for me here, where im at right now, this city, this job, this everything. I feel like I woulda never been here had it not been for me making detrimental decisions in my past. yet here I am. I need a fresh start. clean slate typa steeze. just signing in to say that the struggle doesn't just quit when you've said fuck it to the addiction. but I do feel better on the daily, for what its worth. feel like maybe im doin something wrong. I dunno. stay up.
  9. how you been sm? rarely on here anymore except to lurk but signed in just to say whats up. hope youre doing well.
  10. if you got a chick at home, go for the hot chick. fuckin simple. why would you want yet another broad drowning in mediocrity?
  11. i work 70-80 hours a week. 6 months outta the year. not in a kitchen. if youre working 100 hours a week for 6 weeks straight, i wouldn't touch anything that came outta your restaurant. by week 4 you wouldn't have a clue what you were even cooking.
  12. i prefer my girls 18+ and brazilianed. i can get down with a landing strip if its well looked after. i like em smooth bruh.
  13. do NOT nair your balls. made that mistake once. never again.
  14. cant stand the shit. on me or on her.
  15. you asked how doing shit like that raised money, and i answered. BY PLEDGES. thats it thats all, i dont care to read your assinine viewpoints on everything. i actually feel sorry for you, that youve got to live your life on a daily basis with such a condescending attitude towards every little thing. lay off the booze bro.
  16. you get people to donate or sponsor you growing a moustache for a month for prostate cancer. its the same as taking pledges and running the 5 km (OMG METRIC) for a cure for breast cancer (which i do every year as my mother and grandmother are survivors). they dont fundraise in the suburbs outside of philly? for someone who claims to know so much about the real world, you seem pretty sheltered.
  17. no, but this morning i noticed her cat was licking her toothbrush and i pretended i didnt see.
  18. really feelin that yearz and dan. nice work.
  19. apparently, when a girl you slept with ten years ago decides to call your cellphone to catch up and you talk to her for all of 30 seconds, it is imperative that you tell the ex youre happily committed to your new girl within the first 10 seconds and then hang up. that extra 20 seconds ensured a comfortable ass spot on the couch last night. i smoked a joint, had a cigarette, jerked off, and watched infomercials till about 4am this morning. she was none the wiser. jokes on her, my saturday night was excellent.
  20. im pretty much a canadian lumberjack. and the best i can get is a chinstrap. moustaches in general are gay as fuck, including the dudes who grow em for november and are not fundraising for prostate cancer but just want to fit in. my dad jinxed me at an early age when he caught me using his razor and shaving cream when i was 5 years old. "whatre you doin in there? you wont be able to grow a full beard until youre 30." still waiting. -patchyasfuckbeardoner.
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