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  1. Last day of real work at current job. Trying not to do to much.
  2. i like coffee because you can put liquor in it and get morning-drunk. you can't put whiskey in your green tea. that sounds scusting.
  3. that dude's head is so fucking weirdly shaped. it looks like his skull has a reservoir tip.
  4. some of the fuckers at my job. i've never even met them in person but i hate them.
  5. It would definitely be fuckin awesome to see Walt go apeshit with that gun on Todd and Lydia. I think I hate Lydia even more than Skyler.
  6. How in the hell would Walt possibly know that Gus puts a towel down before he pukes in the toilet? Did he see Gus puke on the show or some shit? Somewhere on that article there's a comment about if Walt kills Jessie will he start calling everyone "bitch"? That would make my goddamn day. Oh yea, show's super intense and all that too.
  7. If your company's website starts playing some bullshit rap-rock from 8 years ago when I go to "learn more" about current job openings, I am not interested.
  8. the word "ratchet". if you're calling some shit ratchet, you're probably on some ratchet shit yourself.
  9. I have twice. We've had the pitcher for 2 years. Every once in a while I ask my wife to buy a new one and she ignores me.
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